Five Questions For Frank (del Rio), Oceania Cruises’ Chief

An interview with one of the cruise industry’s most passionate cruise executives, Frank del Rio, chairman and ceo of Prestige Cruise Holdings, parent to Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The interview took place at the end of a three-day inaugural cruise on Oceania Marina.

An American success story, made in Cuba, realized in the USA: Frank del Rio

Frank del Rio with his grandson on Oceania Marina..

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  • FDR and the Oceania team hit a grandslam with the Marina, Ralph you hit a homerun with this one-on-one interview, thanks for posting.

  • You sound like a very proud “papa”. The work and planning you and your staff have put into this beautiful ship really shows. Hope to meet you on the Riviera next year!

  • I have been trying to sign in to My Oceania with no success. Calls to Oceania are not helpful or get results.Trying to log in get me e-mails that someone will contact me, nothing happens. we have booked a trip on Oceania for next september and are very concerned with how their systems work. Can you help us??

    • I emailed a pre-booking enquiry to oceania concerning a disturbing criticism (which I pasted in) inviting them to comment just before I finalised my booking.  I heard nothing so I booked instead with Regenty 7 Seas.  As my grandmother used ot say:  “what’s cheap is cheap”

  • To: Frank Del Rio, Chairman and CEO, Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  We have written a letter with overnight mail dated January 15, 2012 to Mark S. Conroy.  He has not replied.  Can you help?  Peter Dean and Marguerite Wagner for the February 25, 2012 sailing from Rio.


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