Crystal Spa, A Day Of Pampering – For Men

[Transcript] We’re at one of the most popular places on Crystal Symphony, the Feng Shui-inspired Crystal Spa. I’m looking forward to splurging on a few treatments. Let’s see how Crystal handles the art of pampering for men.

My shave treatment began in a real barber’s chair. Crystal has mastered the art of shaving and my barber Kayoko has perfected it. She began by applying a hot towel wrap, giving me a light facial massage and a cleansing. She practically lulled me to sleep.

Kayoko worked her magic to whip up a specially formulated shaving cream. It reminded me of when I was a boy going to the barber shop with my dad.

Then Kayoko introduced me to skin bliss, an anti-aging booster treatment to promote cellular recovery and remove toxins from pollution, stress and drinking. That made me feel better about indulging in all of my bad habits.

I was feeling younger by the minute. Did Crystal’s fountain of youth have anything more to offer? I was all smiles when I discovered Crystal’s more gentle way to whiten my teeth … up to six shades whiter in a single visit.

I learned about the new therapeutic Thai poultice massage, which uses healing herbs. Something for my next visit.

I ended my day at the spa relaxing on the private sundeck, looking younger, refreshed and feeing better about myself.

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