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Mea culpa, lo siento, my bad. Michael of straightened me out about Crystal and the Mexican Riviera. How I got confused about the coming Symphony schedule, I have no idea. When Crystal execs told me this was their final Mex Riv cruise, I thought they meant FINAL, not final until next time. I do know that Crystal is excited about the upcoming Pacific Coast cruises, but excitement aside, Symphony, contrary to what I thought, will be heading to the Mexican Riviera once again:

3/31/2011, 10 days Round-trip Los Angeles

11/27/2011, 7 days Round-trip Los Angeles

12/11/2011, 10 days Round-trip Los Angeles

Thanks Michael for your info.

We are in La Paz, “Baja’s Hot Spot”. Who knew?

With 250,000 people, this is Baja’s second largest city. La Paz used to be known as the “City of Pearls”. Unfortunately, all the oysters are long gone.

But first things first. Into each life some detergent will fall and it was laundry time for me. It is really neat to have a free place to do washable clothes.

But, be sure and read the directions on the washers and dryers as they don’t work as you might expect. Well, don’t pay too close attention.

La Paz, although on the ocean, depends on this port which is about a 30 minute drive to the city.

We were serenaded on the way to the free shuttle.

As you drive to La Paz, be sure to sit on the right side of the bus. That’s where you’ll see most of the interesting surroundings.

This area is booming, or trying to boom. Gary Player designed a golf course featured as part of a condo complex.

Lowest price, $750,000 USD.

There are availabilities. A bit further on is a non-completed building with one condo as a model home. On a hill above it all, new million dollar plus homes. There are availabilities.

The city itself is, well a city.

As I was walking, an armed soldier standing in the back of an unmarked pickup truck passed by.

I have no idea what his assignment was. Maybe he was being disciplined.

Just a thought as I walked the shopping area.

If T-shirts suddenly disappeared, hundreds of stores all over the world would be empty.

The center of the Malecon or beach “walk” features a tall Christmas tree,

but none I’ve seen so far can compare with the Symphony tree.

The walk itself goes for miles in each direction and is great for walking or bike riding. Along the way are the most attractive trash barrels anywhere.

For me, no matter what’s on shore, there is nothing nicer than getting back to the boat. (OK, it’s ship, but I liked the alliteration.)

The night was full. Early in the evening a cocktail party in the Captain’s quarters which got me in the perfect mood for dinner in Prego.

We had a table for 5, excellent service and superb food. There is no extra charge for this alternate restaurant, but Crystal suggests a gratuity of $7.00 per person. How they came up with $7.00 I have no clue, but I can imagine the “tip” meeting at the long table.

“How about $5.00?”

“I say $7.00.”

“Let’s meet in the middle at $6.00.”

“I say $7.00 and I’m the CEO!!!!!”

“$7.00 it is, let’s go to lunch.”

From dinner to the show. The production was based on Route 66. Great! Brett Bullock , the head of entertainment for Crystal Cruises, has done it again. In all the years of cruising, this is only the third time I’ve looked forward to the next show. I think we should all send Brett $7.00.

Tomorrow Topolobampo.

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