Crystal Symphony 2010 Cabo

Our first stop on this 10 day Mexican Riviera Cruise was Cabo San Lucas. Many people stayed on board.

They were the smart ones.

I used to love Cabo San Lucas. A few visits later, I liked Cabo San Lucas. Today I joined Crystal and have no plans to come again. Cabo has a construction jones. Stuff pops up with no particular guidelines, and thus, like a weed, comes the ugliest building in North America.

The immediate port area is jammed with merchants pushing tours, taxis, hats, and blowing whistles. Most tourists bustle by.

Not too long ago  there was a definite presence of Army personnel, AK 47’s at the ready. Today only two military guards were visible, and they were Navy.

Never mind,  Christmas is coming to Cabo.

Christmas is also coming to Symphony. Everywhere you look, some effigy representing the season stares back.

Chanukah wasn’t ignored,

but it has past. So my question is, when Christmas is over, do we continue to say Merry Christmas?

The food in the main dining room is delicious. The wait staff efficient, and my waiter, Jose, each night has a recommendation for the main dish. He never misses. As well as the main dining room, we have Prego, Silk Road, and Sushi, or one can order from the main menu comfortably tucked away in their cabin. Surprise for sure, there is no evening meal served in the Lido. This is unusual for any cruise ship.

We had a couple of “meet and greets”. Cruise Critic is a web site that has roll calls for cruisers sailing on the same ship. There is a get together and the ship provides cocktails and canapés. The Captain and sundry officers usually stop by.

Mostly, we all say hello and then goodbye and that’s kind of it.

Later, in the evening, single and unaccompanied guests were invited to a cocktail party to get together with the Cruise Director (an old friend), the Ambassador Hosts (they dance with single ladies), and members of the Crystal Ensemble of Singers and Dancers (the production show performers).

That last got my attention. I mostly avoid cruise ship shows as they are kind of goofy, but this group was outstanding.

They got a standing ovation…well that was actually me standing and applauding. Then, some others got to their feet, but they were leaving.

Now was my chance to meet the group (girls) in person and give them my accolades. We eagerly waited for the performers.

Well, one showed up,

but we didn’t talk.

Adios Cabo San Lucas.

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  1. Geoff,
    I can appreciate your forum of no spin which is perfectly fine, even bashing the cruise lines is ok too, if it helps the public to get the points you are trying to drive. Just didn’t understand yesterdays comment about (this) cruise being the last one to Mex Riv. Symphony is scheduled to do 4 Mexican Riviera Cruises for 2011, one spring and three late fall(Nov-Dec) I would think that part of your connection to your viewing public would dictate at least getting your information you are providing correct!
    Otherwise keep up the good work.

  2. You need an English lesson, he said, “Today I joined Crystal and have no plans to come again.” That means HE has no plans to come again, as I understand it. And, I couldn’t agree more. Mexico has to get their act together to attract tourists (that being their main income besides workers sending money home from America) by making their country safe.

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