Video: Copenhagen Loves Bikes

A Scandinavian friend of mine took his young boys to the United States this month. One of the boys, 8 years old, asked where were all the bikes? He was concerned that Americans would become unhealthy and overweight without their bikes. That’s not a concern in Scandinavia, particularly Copenhagen, a city where the bike culture is strong. Next time you’re cruising to or from Copenhagen, consider hopping on a bike. It will make you feel healthy and young again.

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One Comment

  • If you know how to bike, I’ve never learnt….

    Apart of that, it was fascinating to see so many people biking when I went to Copenhagen formy first time, 8 years ago. Elegant ladys, with heals and nice dressed, ladies with children in a small vagon behind, flowers in the front basket, old people, young people, fantastic view.


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