12 Days of Cruisemas

By Geoff Edwards

In six hours, I fly from LAX to Lisbon, Portugal on Continental Air. We connect in Newark for the flight to Lisbon. Let me put it this way: I hate Newark Airport! But, it is what it is.

In Lisbon I’ll board the new Seabourn ship, Sojourn, for 12 days to Ft. Lauderdale.

Nine of those days will be at sea. I’ll be traveling alone and I’m not sure there are enough solitaire games to cover the time.

Sojourn is at the top of the luxury list; out of 5 stars it gets 6+. The food is incredible (the best French Fries I’ve ever had), the crew the friendliest I’ve come across in 41 years of cruising, and the service on the all suite ship is beyond compare. So it’s not as if this will be a chore, but I have a personality that tends to shy away from strangers. If I don’t conquer that flaw, I’ll be spending a lot of time talking to myself and worse, having to listen.

I belong to Cruise Critic, and there is a trip by trip, and ship by ship roll call. People taking the same cruise connect and  have a “meet and mingle” early in the voyage. So, I do have a chance to sit at a friendly table.

And of course, you’ll be with me too, right?

OK here we go……….

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