12 Days of Cruisemas/ Sea Days

We have nine days at sea. I’ve made an editorial decision to write about the sea time in general terms rather than day by day. I mean, “slept until 11 AM” might fill space but who is interested.

Cruise Critic just named Seabourn the top luxury cruise line:

“Seabourn’s new Odyssey and Sojourn are the largest true luxury ships in cruising, and yet the size works. It allows for more onboard choice – especially the fantastic Seabourn Square, a combination library, coffee shop, bakery and social hub — and yet attention to detail in its cuisine, service and upscale yacht-like ambiance, is impeccable.”

That statement is a complete misrepresentation. The Silversea Silver Spirit is larger, and certainly true luxury.  Regent, should be counted too. But as my Grandmother used to say, never mind.

Sojourn and Odyssey, unlike competitors, do not have butler service. Truth be told, I don’t miss it. First off, my room stewardess, Nicole, brings me milk and cookies each night.

Room service is prompt. I ordered a five course dinner from the restaurant menu and it was delivered in ten minutes. Faster than calling butler, giving order, etc. And I love Seabourn Square. In addition to what Cruise Critic mentioned, there are four desks in a semi enclosed space that take the place of the usual Purser’s counter.

No lines, no hassle, just fast service no matter what the concern.

I ate with Cruise Director Jan Stearman last night (table for 11).

There was much discussion about luxury lines. It’s relatively impossible to pick the best. So much depends upon personal taste, and how many luxury ships have been experienced. For instance, no one mentions the German ship Europa.Is this luxury? Ja wohl!!!!

Cruise Critic terms Sojourn and Odyssey as “largest” , but 450 passengers is not large in the scheme of things. Showtime will not be a group of gyrating dancers. On this ship there are only four performers; they sing. They separately joined a production company in London where they were put together and trained. They learned well, and are a pleasure to listen to and watch.                           

The Grand Salon (theater) is more of a lounge; comfortable, but with problems.

The supporting pillars in many places narrow the view of the stage. There’s a lot of scrambling to find a place that is not blocked.

And then there’s The Club. Team trivia at 11:45

melds into tea at 4:45 with music, and later drinks and canapés before dinner.

Earlier in the cruise I sat next to Laura, a social hostess from England who, in addition, sometimes sings at tea. When she does, Britain fades away.

She is superb, and music, I hope, will be her future.

More about the ship coming as the days float by, but right now it’s time for a nap.

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