12 Days of Cruisemas Sea Days 3

By Geoff Edwards

12 Days of Cruisemas Sea Day 3

Last night was the big show night. “Rock the Boat” was to be on the pool deck. Oops, chilly wind blew that plan away. The Salon theater was busy showing a movie. There were three people watching it. The only place left was The Club.

The Club is perfect for teatime, but it only seats about 50 people. Never mind. The show went on. One by one each lead singer took the stage with backup singers lining the hall. Indeed, it rocked the boat. I shot some video posted below.

When I got back to my cabin, I had a roommate. Nicole apparently thought I needed company.

The ship is swaying from side to side as big swells move from starboard to port.

Everyone trying to navigate the corridors is bouncing off the walls. People passing one another, if they are not careful, will end up embracing. It was fun watching folks reaching for food at the buffet and doing a semi-jog backwards, tongs in hand.

There is a high surf alert in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and talk of possible flooding. I mentioned this to someone at lunch, and he got nervous about whether his flight would get off the ground. I assured him that if the airport gets flooded so will most of the town. Not to worry.

At lunch a man and his wife were eating and playing Scrabble. I guess after eight days at sea they’ve run out of talk.

Last night I was again a guest at the end of a table for eleven. On my left a charming lady from Liverpool who chatted about the upscale changes to that city. She didn’t talk to me for long.

On her left was an elderly man who recited his gaining a free trip because of the amount of days he has sailed Seabourn. That evolved into his Alaska trip. It was all word for word what had said to me a few dinners ago. On my right a sweet woman with a voice so whispery that it was as if she didn’t want anyone to hear her. Nobody did.

Our hostess was not quite versed in hosting duties. The host or hostess at a table will wait until all are served, and then say, “Bon Appétit.” Our hostess, a sweet lady flautist, didn’t want to start first, and sat quietly while we waited. After a bit I said, “Bon Appétit.” That became my job for the dinner.

There’s another show tonight, this time in The Salon. After the show there are different spots to visit. There’s music, dancing and gambling. Last night I stopped by the casino and only one person was playing roulette; three were at the Blackjack table. Otherwise the casino was empty, except for the slots.

Tonight is formal, but many passengers will stay in their cabins and order off the menu. Not a bad idea. There are lots of movies on the TV and more music than one could possibly listen to in 12 days.

We have one more day at sea, and all are hoping for a quieter ocean and the end to a shaking ship.


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