12 Days of Cruisemas/ More Sea Days

It’s the little things that count and emphasize the luxury of Seabourn Sojourn. Most ships, when you visit a port tell you to be sure and take ID ashore with you; a driver’s license or your passport. On this ship, you are given an ID card the size or your room ”key” with all pertinent info on it. This is especially handy for those aboard taking the entire world cruise. Oh, and for those on longer cruises, the best Internet choice is $399, which pays for access during the trip. Stay connected if you want. It is so great to be on the net and not sweat over how many minutes are eating up your account as you wait for a site to appear.

I needed to quickly fax material to Westways magazine. Other ships you have to show up at purser’s desk, maybe wait in line, and cross your fingers that it gets sent. Sojourn? Go to Sojourn Square and hand it to the attendant. He will reach over and pull the Fax machine out of the wall and off it goes.

Another plus I love, the menus for all restaurants are in your suite the night before. That sure beats going to read the menus in front of the different serving areas. There is a small problem. It makes me hungry. Tonight it will be braised veal osso bucco.

There are dance activities every day, and what I presume are individual lessons. I am pushing for a reality show called “Deck Dancing”.


We are a couple of days east of Fort Lauderdale, and going through sunshine, then big rainstorms, then sunshine.

There are some lovely rainbows but they are extraordinarily camera shy.

This is where I spend my “sun” days.Lots of room, a steward giving constant attention, and a great Jacuzzi.

There are tons of other choices for sunning, but this is not that much of a tanning crowd.

Not many golfers either.

As we approach Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to say goodbye to places visited for the last time.

Tonight there is a show on deck called “Rock The Boat”. Tomorrow some photos of the boat rocking.

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  • Thanks for using my picture – taken while practising for Sojourn Dancing with the Stars. I intend to compete in the next Deck Dancing Olympics!!! What do you think?


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