12 Days Of Cruisemas / 3rd day

By Avid Cruiser Star Contributor Geoff Edwards

At Sea

First off, please excuse the the order of this blog. Since we are sometimes satellite impaired, the publishing can work one day and not the next.

This day, after a redeye from Los Angeles, is always a catch up day for me.

Today, I slept until 2 PM.

One of the things concerning me was eating alone as I am traveling alone, and it’s not simple for me to walk up to a stranger and say, “Hey, can I eat with you tonight?” As I found out last night, there will be an invitation in my mail each day to join a hosted table. This is a wonderful gift from Seabourn, and makes things so much easier. However, not everyone at the table is solo, but couples are not seated together.

We are not a full ship, and a good many on board are from Britain and Germany. With the Euro treating our dollar like a bully kicking sand in our face, cruise ship fares are incredibly attractive to the Euro folks.

Tonight, it’s the ship’s doctor’s table. Again, a long table for 12, which limits conversation. There are four on each side and two at each end. That makes it close to impossible to converse with the host and basically limits the chitchat to the people immediately to the left and right.

I was seated at one end; on my left, a man from Belgium, and on my right, a man who never stopped talking and waving his arms. He is from England, but not with an accent I could decipher. I caught every 4th or 5th word. I got that he had taken a cruise on the Mississippi river. I asked if it was a Paddle Wheel boat. He said he’d only played that game a few times, waved his arms and went on. There was not much room for anyone else to talk. That, for me, was a relief.

The doctor sat with a closed lip smile and only spoke when asked a question. I’m not sure what country he is from, but English, I’m sure is not his primary language. I hope I don’t fall ill with anything complicated.

My goal on this trip was to get the recipe for the incredible French Fries served at The Grill.

They have some kind of coating, just enough to give a sense of crust.

When we were on Seabourn’s Odyssey, we persisted in asking for the recipe. Everyone we asked persisted in avoiding the question. This afternoon I cornered an inscrutable Chinese serving the French Fries. Much to my disappointment he became scrutable.

“We get them frozen from a company in San Francisco.”

Tomorrow, we’ll see land for the last time this trip. We arrive in Funchal, which is an island due west of Casablanca, Morocco, about noon. The ship has a shuttle service to town, and I’m on a mission to find Pomegranate juice, something I drink every morning, but mine is still sitting in the Fridge at home. Oops.

Days so far are sunny and warm.

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