‘Seabournizing’ Azamara Club Cruises

Larry Pimentel is president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises.

Larry Pimentel’s strategy for Azamara Club Cruises benefits from his more than 25 years of travel industry experience catering to high-end consumers.

Before taking the helm at Azamara, he served as president, chief executive officer and co-owner of Seadream Yacht Club, designed to provide an intimate luxury yachting experience while sailing primarily in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Previously, he served as president and chief executive officer of Cunard Line and Seabourn Cruise Line.

I asked Pimentel if he weren’t ‘Seabournizing’ and ‘SeaDreamizing’ the Azamara product.

“The most important element they had was a smallness and intimacy,” Pimentel says. “They created the small ship experience. In our case, I’m definitely looking at those elements, and I was a part of creating those elements, so I am keenly aware of what I thought resonated with clients.”

“I think that Azamara will become, without any doubt, one of the major quality players,” he adds. “It’s not an overnight process. It does take time, but definitely include us in the mix.”

Also see these video interviews with Larry Pimentel:

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