Seabourn Sojourn On 300 Calories Per Day – Or Less

No excuses: Seabourn Sojourn's gym features state-of-the-art exercise equipment with news & views for multi-taskers. Through the looking glass: Flam, Norway.

The headline could be perceived as a bit alarmist. Regular readers of this blog might worry that they will see photos of an emaciated me. Actually, the headline is not meant to imply the consumption of 300 or fewer calories per day, but rather working off the caloric equivalent of a couple of chocolate chip cookies (sigh), which practically leap into your mouth on board.

There are, in fact, many temptations on Seabourn Sojourn, and for slackers like me, the gym has not been one of them — until now. I am corporeally concerned and committed to reversing the battle of the bulge.

After so many cruises and so much time at sea, my belt needs continual renotching – and not in the direction I would prefer. I have put on considerable poundage (and have enjoyed every minute of it). My hope in stepping on Sojourn was that this journey would mark a turning point for me, and so I have trundled to the gym every evening so far (okay, that only makes two times in the early stages of this voyage, but it’s a start) to pay the wages of my sins.

Sojourn‘s gym is quite good in that it provides varied equipment for burning calories in a pleasant atmosphere. Each evening, I step on the treadmill and key in my caloric goal, to burn 300 calories. Much to my surprise and disappointment, shredding 300 calories takes about 30 minutes. It only takes two minutes to consume two cookies. Life, as many before me have stated, is brutally unfair.

'Deliver us from temptation.'

I am not alone in the gym. Beside me on the treadmill on the first night, the hotel director told me how he struggles to stay below 100 kilograms (a number my body has not known since its teens). He was once down to 87, but how can one resist the temptations on a luxury cruise?

The hotel director works out for an hour a day, which is admirable and more importantly, it means that should he desire, he can consume four chocolate chip cookies without guilt.

Colonel Wes would no doubt be proud of my efforts. I occasionally get a note from the avid cruiser and fitness enthusiast who I have yet to meet in person. His notes nearly always instruct me to check out and report back to him about the fitness facilities on various ships. “How many laps make a mile?” he asks. I dutifully reply when possible. I admire people like him who stay fit during their cruises.

And what better place than a luxury ship to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle? If one were to wish for something transformational to happen, there would be few better places to initiate such a transaction than on a luxury cruise, or perhaps, Tibet (but that’s another story).

Healthy, low-calories options are offered on the menus, and those foods are quite tasty when prepared the way that Seabourn chefs prepare them. Yes, alcoholic beverages are included in the cruise fare, but I have learned to dodge the glass of champagne being thrust into my hand.

There’s television on the treadmills, stair-steppers, ellipticals and bikes, plus bottled water, towels and headphones already in place. On my cruise, the scenery of Norway is on the other side of the large windows. Could there be a more pleasant environment to suffer what I sometimes view as the modern-day equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition?

Today, I will straddle a saddle in Flam to bicycle for an hour or more, much preferred to working out indoors. In other destinations, I’ll check out Seabourn’s “In Motion” tours, which are active excursions. With all that is offered, I am certain I can cruise Seabourn Sojourn burning 300 calories per day – or less.

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