Photo Postcard: Midnight On The Baltic Sea

Midnight On The Baltic Sea, originally uploaded by Ralph Grizzle.

A sliver of sunset on the horizon, and yet the clock is ticking near midnight on the Baltic Sea.

From my balcony on Silver Whisper, I breathe in the sublime scene, gazing at the pink/orange band bordering a dramatic sky.

I listen to the song of the sea, mostly still, with riplets of water lapping like a lullaby against the hull.

Nothing beats a cruise, from peaceful moments like this one to fine dining and exceptional excursions ashore. Cruising is both restorative and an escape from a busy world.

Photo: The Baltic Sea as seen from Silver Whisper, en route from St. Petersburg to Tallinn.

Tomorrow, Tallinn

Soviet occupation ended in Tallinn 1991, but it was only in 2004 that Estonia — along with neighboring Latvia, Lithuania and Poland — joined the European Union. It will not be until 2011, however, when Estonia adopts the Euro.

Tallinn typically ranks among the favorite ports of call on Baltic cruise itineraries. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is clean, fun, enjoyable, and of course, immensely historic. Moreover, the Old Town is easily accessible from where most cruise ships dock.

You could easily walk into the Old Town, but complimentary shuttles will get you there and back in a jiffy.

In addition to its UNESCO status, Tallinn was selected as the European Capital of Culture 2011.

I have visited Tallinn several times while on Baltic cruises. One of my favorite experiences was on a family cruise in 2005. If you’re considering cruising the Baltic with your family, read more about that cruise, Cruising White Nights. The Baltic is a wonderful destination for families and very kid-friendly.

If you want to learn more about how to do Tallinn on your own, check out Avid Cruiser’s how-to guide to Tackling Tallinn.

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