Norovirus Persistent: Celebrity Constellation Calls On Olden and Bergen, Norway — Our Writer Sick In Bed?

NOTE: Geoff wrote this story on on July 2 but never got around to publishing it. As he notes in the story, he may have contracted norovirus. If so, I along with others certainly wish him well. Meantime, here’s the story Geoff meant to post on July 2. Look for his round up soon.

by Geoff Edwards

Olden is known for its beautiful scenery and especially for the Briksdalen Glacier, which is millions of years old and is said to be continually advancing. A lovely blue, it is considered by many one of the most stunning places in the world.

It was cold, windy, and raining in Olden so I passed on taking the shuttle along the winding path to the glacier. I do have one to show you, but it’s from the Antarctic.

I loved the homes on the hill in Olden. Some time ago I tried to sell a TV show called “Drop In.” You know how, when you are flying over the country, you’ll see a home hidden away in the semi wilderness. Who lives there and what are their lives like? Well, we’d drop in. Same would go for a NY penthouse, we’d drop in. I would love to “drop in” at these three homes, gathered in the green.

Directly off the ship were the stores

offering jackets, jackets, jackets,

and hats.

The question is, Will they wear these at home?

I stopped at the Martini Bar before dinner.

I am not sure what the bartender heard, but it wasn’t what I said. I asked for a martini, very dry, on the rocks. He put ice in a glass and started to pour dry vermouth, a lot of it. He then handed it to me.

I said, “What about the gin?”

Startled, he grabbed a shaker and a poured a perfect martini.

At dinner we lost another to the norovirus. Remember the woman who had to top any place anyone mentioned. She has this need to “one up” just about anything mentioned. Well, it was her husband that was ill. Could she “one up” this? Yup.

“He has it worse than anyone on the ship!”


A beautiful day in a beautiful city.

I, unfortunately, have a touch of norovirus, or maybe just Norway virus. The pool area was full of sun seekers.I felt stupid spending the time in bed. A few gulls took a look at this guy lying bundled up, and hoping that this would be over before the long flights on Saturday.

Oops. Saturday will be a lot longer than expected. A letter came from the Captain. This has been the third cruise in a row with noro outbreaks. It’s not possible to find out how many were down during the voyage, the staff has a gag order, but, if counting the empty seats at dinner was any indication, there were many.

Soooo, the Constellation is going to be, again, thoroughly sanitized. This means all passengers are to be off the ship at 7 AM. My group has to assemble at 6:20 AM and then we’ll be escorted to a bus transfer for the airport. Our luggage will be waiting for us at the airport. (Why does this worry me?) My flight is not until 1:25 PM. This means I will be “traveling” for almost 24 hours…..

Oh, and no breakfast on board. They will be serving at the hotel adjacent to the port, but I get to get on a bus instead.

This will be my last Blog from the road. I’ll wrap it all up after I get resettled at home.

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  • Hope you are ok Geoff and it isn’t the dreaded Norovirus. It seems nobody is safe at the moment. It is nice to see your pictures of Constellation since her facelift – what an ingenious idea to do this – she looks as beautiful as her Solstice sisters now

  • Hope you’re fully recovered Geoff (we were on your table – from Wales). Missed you the last couple of days; now we know why. Never mind, there’s always Celebrity’s pro-rata compensation – so you can go with them again !

    Deryl and Susan

  • I had a horrific sunday. In addition to I believe that planet is going to wrongspace through persons. But I explored your article and at this point I agree that in future we will have lovely days by good people as you.


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