City of Roses & Ruins, Visby Makes The New York Times

City of Roses & Ruins, Visby, Sweden, on the island of Gotland

Today, the New York Times travel section featured Gotland, a destination on Baltic Cruises, where the primary attraction is the city of Visby.

The article begins: A CURIOUS thing has happened in the Baltic Sea. The Swedish island of Gotland — a singular, sparsely populated place — has become a magnet for two disparate groups: party-crazed club youths who unleash Champagne showers inside neon-lighted nightclubs, and stressed-out solace-seekers who retreat into the island’s untamed wilderness. It is a strange dichotomy, and one that is becoming ever more acute. For the full article click A Swedish Island for Respite or Revelry.

& Ruins (with Regent Seven Seas Voyager anchored offshore)

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