Constellation, Tromso Norway

by Geoff Edwards

Although we are 217 miles above the Arctic Circle, Tromso is noted as the Gateway of the Arctic as most Arctic expeditions originate here. Settlement started here at the end of the ice age. (How did they know?) Kinda seems to me that had I lived then, and the ice age ended, I wouldn’t follow the ice north, but the rivulets south.

In 1969 a fire destroyed a good portion of the town and much of the city center had to be rebuilt. While they may have some of the best fishermen in Tromso, it seems they couldn’t attract architects with imagination.

The main diet here is fish, although not entirely. The other food is good, but they don’t eat the skin.

So why did I take the long walk into town? It seems my camera charger will not fit my camera. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix. The charger is for a Panasonic Lumix, but for a larger Lumix that is sitting at home. Why in the world don’t they standardize these things? I only have about ¼ of battery power left and 5 more ports to visit.

I asked the Constellation Concierge for help and he gave me a map with the name and address of a store that might, just might have the correct charger.

Off I went. There was a convenient pedestrian path with arrows guiding one out of the port.

I didn’t have a child with me, but took a chance and followe the black brick road

The road soon widened to be a combination walk and bike path. It was easy to follow, and I could see stores (I thought) in the distance. Three miles and 45 minutes later, I had yet to find the shop.

I wasn’t confused by the Norwegian street names, because there weren’t any. Even if I had known what street I was on, there were no numbers on the storefronts. However, just in case you need a divorce lawyer when you visit Tromso, I found one.

I looked for a store in Tromso

I probably shouldn’t have done so

My body began to lurch

So I gave up my search

There was too much pain in my bum toe.

(Have I been at sea too long?)

The walk back was tough, and to top it all off, I was attacked by a seagull.

Photo plan B:

I do have a fairly good cell phone cam. I’ll tell you when I’ve switched, but I’m sure you’ll notice.

I passed on the dining room dinner and, summoned by sushi, ate on deck 10 at the seaside café. Nothing fancy there at night, but the sushi, Indian cuisine, and basic buffet did the trick.

I really don’t like traveling alone, so I went to the singles party and paired up.

Tomorrow is Honningsvag, the northern most city in the world, although that’s disputed.

Attacked by seagull

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One Comment

  • Whoever reads Mr. Edward’s article:

    * Mr. Edward has not been to town. I can see that from the photos.He has been lurking about the port area and in the industrial zones of Tromsø. At one point, though, he was about 5 minute’s away.
    * The city centre is 3 miles from the cruise terminal.
    * There are plenty of local buses
    * Taxis are metered and 100% safe. A trip into town should cost you around 14 dollars (no tips required – possible to settle with credit card).
    * Most cruise ships provide a shuttle into town. Did you go on a cheap cruise?
    * Most Norwegians speak English, and nobody has ever got mugged in Tromsø – > You could have asked someone.
    * The Port of Tromsø provides an temporary information desk, either on board or at the dockside. The clerk would be able to direct Mr. Edwards in the right direction for his (self-created) Lumix problem.
    * If Mr. Edwards overslept and missed the temporary information desk (Mr. Edwards doesn’t seem overly … eager…), the Tourist Information (highly praised by notably the Lonely Planet) in town would be able to help.
    * There is plenty to see and do in Tromsø. Somehow, though, it didn’t seem important to Mr. Edwards.

    I am sorry to hear that Mr. Edwards didn’t like the industry area of my hometown. When I went to the States, I went to see the attractive parts of every town, and largely stayed away for industry areas. And guess what, it was VERY rewarding.

    Local boy


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