Constellation @ sea for Alesund, Norway

by geoff edwards

Before we leave Amsterdam (well, metaphorically), I want to comment on the neat thing that didn’t happen. Every country I’ve entered has required a form to be filled. Your name, your passport number, where you live, have you been within two miles of a cow, etc. Not arriving at Amsterdam. Just get off the plane and follow the signs to passport control.

I was on the down escalator to passport control when it suddenly stopped.

There was a jam of people so deep, that getting off the escalator was impossible. The good news was the mob did move and passports were stamped quickly.

Celebrity has taken major precautions to be sure this cruise not like the last two, stays free of norovirus. The last two outings on Constellation suffered.  No longer can you shovel your own food at the buffet. Ladles are gone and the servers behind the glass will give you what you want as you move through the line. All the servers except one wore plastic gloves. There’s always one.

There are no daily newspapers to handle or receive.

Even the library is closed.

Lucky for me I have a B&N Nook with five books on it. The Nook and the Kindle are so cool; perfect for a trip.

And the best precaution of all, the sanitizing wipes handed out wherever your hands might come into contact with other hands leavings. Yes, Constellation has the dispensers, but it’s been my experience that a good percentage of people pass those by. there are salt and peppr shakers on the tables. if more than one hand will touch an object, object must go.

Strangely out of nowhere, a cream pitcher appeared in the center of our table. Oh my! I  rubbed my finger on it and got gasps from the group.

The height of precaution occurred when the Captain was introduced on stage by the Cruise Director. They didn’t shake hands, but rubbed elbows. No germs passing one to the other, except, after all that vigilance, the Cruise Director handed the Captain the microphone. Score one for the virus.

The change to early sitting worked out well. Table mates are a couple originally  from Wales, but now living in London. They’ve been together for 40 years, starting in High School. My paternal grandfather emigrated from Wales, which prompted me to mention the last name Edwards. They immediately recognized the name. Apparently, there are about 2,000,000 of them; like one on every block.

Also at the table are a mother and daughter of, I think, Thai descent. Melissa, the 15 year old daughter has been all over the world. A woman joined us mid meal and she made sure we knew she had been any place we had been.

Dinner again was superb. We have a wonderful waiter from Indonesia. He has sense of humor, but I wasn’t that sure of it to mention that we are not in Kansas anymore.

I think I am now caught up with the 9 hour time change from Los Angeles. Last night I slept 15 hours. I guess it’s now obvious I don’t disco.

Tomorrow Alesund, Norway.

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