Constellation; Honningsvag

by geoff edwards

Legislation effective from 1997 states that a Norwegian city must have 5,000 inhabitants, but Honningsvag, with its population of 2,575 was declared a city in 1996.

And with that gift, regardless of screams from Barrow Alaska, it now calls itself the northern-most city in the world. Although nearby Knivskjellodden juts a mile further north, it is not a city.

I brought all kind of jackets and sweaters on this trip, only to find, because of the gulf current, it can get to 80 degrees here in summer. In town, some women, not from the ship, were in shorts.

Honningsvag is a bit bigger now than in 1996. Since that time, the population has grown by 1000. Today as I walked the streets, I saw no shortage of babies; alone in strollers outside stores, alone in cars, and, of course, pushed in carriages. By the way is there a law in Norway that one can not smile? This is a tight lipped group.

It’s difficult to imagine these kids, as they grow up, having to spend days in the winter without seeing daylight. If this were Los Angeles, with our electric rates, they’d spend days without any light at all. But come spring,

they are like kids everywhere.

And, whoo-hoo, I found a battery charger for my camera. And not just for my camera, this gizmo will charge all rechargeable batteries.

I found it at a store on the main street, next the toasters.

As I’ve mentioned, Constellation has been “solticized”, adding many features from Celebrity’s Solstice class of mega ship. By the way, I am sailing in concierge class which provides a few more amenities like preferred early boarding, Champagne, daily fruit basket, no waiting in line for tenders, and extended in cabin breakfast menu. My goal at the moment, however, is to get my TV’s room service ordering menu to work. Yes, I went to the front desk and he said he’d send an email to repair. I hope they are on the ship.

Another one down. Fifteen year old Alissa sat down for dinner last night, ordered, and then fast paced it out of the dining room. It’s not possible to find out how many have or have had noro, but I’m sure the ship will need to be sanitized again.

Tomorrow at Sea

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  • Neat Geoff, as always keep up the good work. With your travel and wit of humor as well. Blessings!


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