Constellation; Alesund, Norway

Alesund is on the NW coast of Norway and doesn’t sound the way it looks. Try ew-le-sund. It was good old Rollo the Viking boss that built a castle here. Around the castle came a fishing village, then a township, then, in 1904 in the middle of winter, a fire. When the fire ebbed, 10,000 were homeless and in the dark. Kaiser Wihelm was furious. He had lost his vacation spot. Well, not entirely, the spot was still there, but no house. Not to worry, he led a rebuilding, melding Nordic styles with a bit of Art Nouveau. He was, after all, the Kaiser.

As I walked the streets of Alesund, my expectations were way off base; little traffic

only one bike and only one blonde. She was on the bike. Actually, my favorites were an accordion player

and a guy on cornet;

both playing jazz. Alesund is pleasant enough, but except for these two, it doesn’t swing. not being a fashion expert, it did however make me wonder about the pattern on the Acne clothes.

This is the only city in all my travels that I was unable to elicit a smile; not even a slight grin. In the midst of all the space and beauty, the expressions of the passing people reminded me of commute time subway riders in NY.

Back on board Constellation, I realized that I was walking far more on this trip than at home. Beside the port perambulations, it’s about a 20 mile hike from my cabin to the San Marco restaurant. But…….well worth it.

In the middle of last night’s dinner, Gerald was not feeling well and left the table. In the elevator earlier in the day, there was an ill woman being helped by her daughter. Uh oh.

Bye bye Alesund, the Arctic Circle is next.

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