Silver Wind Shows Us Sensational St. Tropez

Last week, when Star Flyer dropped anchor here, St. Tropez was too crowded to be adored. What a difference a week makes.

This week, Star Flyer was anchored off Silver Wind’s starboard side, and Azamara Journey was anchored off our port side. Despite three ships in port, St. Tropez was relaxed and uncrowded.

And the weather, as you can see in the photos, was simply sublime, a perfect day in the south of France.

For a Flickr slideshow, click Silver Wind Shows Us Sensational St. Tropez

Silver Wind anchored off St.Tropez, with Azamara Journey in the background.
St. Tropez waterfront
Brush to canvas, in the tradition of Cezanne perhaps?
An idyllic cove just steps away from the city center
A romantic stroll down charming, uncrowded streets
Climb higher for beautiful views of St. Tropez
Silver Wind awaits us.

For a Flickr slideshow, click Silver Wind Shows Us Sensational St. Tropez

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  • Methinks the “Christina O” is no longer in its rightful place!

  • p.s. That comment was supposed to land on the Monte Carlo page – “what’s wrong with this picture”. Ha!

  • pps. Actually, that looks more like the ‘Silver Spirit’ which explains why the “Christina O” is missing. Different ship … different day!!


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