On Silver Wind: Ready, Sete, Go – Market Visit & Cooking Class

Rave reviews today from guests (including me) who participated in the Silver Shore Collection experience, Market Visit & Cooking Class in Sete.

Today's Silver Shore Collection excursion: A visit to the market to buy fresh bread, fish and produce, then off to a local kitchen only a few steps away for a cooking class, French style.

The six-hour excursion started with a visit to the local markets: There were three, all in close proximity to Silver Wind and one another — a flower market; an outdoor market (operating only on Wednesdays and where you’ll find everything from fresh produce, cheese and ham to infused olive oils and just-out-of-the-oven bread); and the covered market, where we shopped for mussels and squid.

French garlic, required for the dishes we would cook.

In all three markets, we shopped with our guide (Danielle Dumontel) and chef (Carole Aragon) for ingredients to prepare lunch in Carole’s shop/restaurant, called La Decoratrice.

Plump and ripe, fresh from the farm.

The market alone was quite an experience, particularly as we had a guide who could inform us about what we were seeing — and who knew where, and where not, to shop.

At the covered market, it's common knowledge that the best mussels are bought from this woman, known as The Mussel Lady.

The experience was not only informative but also intimate, with only seven guests participating, plus Carole’s two lovely daughters and our guide.

Time for class: Shop/Restaurant Owner Carole Aragon explaining how we would prepare lunch.

Donning aprons and knives, we chopped, grated, sliced and diced to prepare a meal better than we could have imagined possible. Scotsman Steve Robertson, pictured above, called our risotto, with calamari and mussels, the best he’d ever had.

Salad, prepared with local ingredients purchased only steps away in the market.

American Jill Steward, second from the right below, said: “One of the things I really like about coming to this cooking class is that we feel like we’re in her home and cooking traditional food. I don’t know of any other place where I could have had this experience. I’m really glad that we participated.”

Our group of newly French-trained chefs

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  • mny thanks for the nice words
    we are the ground operator for silversea cruises on the .french med side
    after a several year analyze of the guests expectations we built up this real interactive cooking lesson outside the box;;
    many thanks to silversea HQ land team which supported us and did trust on our new collection of tours

  • Ralph, thanks for the wonderful coverage of this amazing experience. I’m still talking about it and have done 2 of the recipes already. Hope to get the video when you have a chance. It was great meeting you. Jill


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