Helsingborg, ‘The Real Sweden,’ Say Grand Princess Passengers

Helsingwhat? That was the response from some cruise passengers who stepped ashore in the Swedish town of Helsingborg this morning. “It’s been a long time since school geography,” said one man from the United Kingdom. “I’m afraid my knowledge isn’t sufficient enough to have known about Helsingborg.”

But he and other passengers disembarking Grand Princess said they were impressed by the city in the south of Sweden.

“I’m very impressed,” said Jim Hough, from Banks, Oregon. “I’m a city manager, so when I come, I look to see how well-kept the town is, and Helsingborg is very well kept. Everyone  is obviously very proud of what they have here. I’m so glad it was put on our itinerary, because now I believe I’ve seen the real Sweden as opposed to the metropolitan Sweden.”

Stopping to pose: Flower girls greet passengers in Helsingborg, Sweden

“We’ve been to the major cities, which is great,” added another passenger, “but this is a small city and we feel closer to the local population and not swamped by long queues of tourists.”

A couple from Detroit remarked on the cleanliness of Helsingborg. “It’s very fresh and interesting,” they added.

Grand Princess, in Helsingborg, Sweden

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Andreas says:

Hi Ralph,
My name is Andreas, lived all around the world for the past 12 years and recently moved back home to my city of origin being Helsingborg and I just wanted to thank you for putting a bit of spotlight on our little beautiful city. Many times its the bigger and more well known ports that get all the attention, thus i am grateful for your focus. I have worked in the cruise industry myself therefor I am always looking into what opinions cruise passengers have on our city especially as I believe much more can be done in order to better accomodate and showcase the beauty of the region.

Thank you for your thoughts
Best Regards
Andreas Samuelsson

Ralph Grizzle says:

Thanks you Andreas! At some point, we have to Fika in Helsingborg. Please stay in touch. Best regards, Ralph

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