Today’s Mekong Memory: Kids Who Could Use Your Help

Oda Orphanage, originally uploaded by Ralph Grizzle.

Cute kids, right? No question that they have beautiful smiles and happy dispositions in front of my camera. They’re one of many orphans, however, living in a country where life can be tough even with parents. Luckily, these kids have good caretakers, the Oda Orphanage, situated with the Angkor Wat temple precinct.

The Oda Orphanage Wish List: 'No Sweets, Dentists Are Expensive' (click for larger image)

The Oda Orphanage, the dream of a Khmer couple, is an art orphanage. Kids paint, tourists purchase, and the proceeds go toward supporting the orphanage. There’s also a dry board where needs of the orphanage are listed, along with the small amount of money required to provide these items.

AMAWATERWAYS' Vice President of Sales Kristin Karst. Under Karst's leadership, AMAWATERWAYS is making contributions in Cambodia to supporting schools and those in need.

If you care to learn more, visit the Oda Orphanage web site.

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