As Luck Would Have It . . . Our Day Started With A Plane Crash And Ended With A Kiss From Marilyn Monroe

Our day in Los Angeles started with a plane crash . . .
was followed by a flash flood . . .
then, an earthquake . . .
an explosion . . .
and even a brush with a serial killer . . . at the Bates Hotel.
Lucky for us, all of this took place at Universal Studios Hollywood.
But we did have some bad luck, followed by some good. I lost the key to our rental car, a sweet BMW Z.4 convertible. The rental car company had no replacement key and would have to tow the car and have it rekeyed. I was thinking $$$$. Then I found something almost as good as the key: two pennies, heads up in the parking lot. An omen? Moments later I got word that Universal Studios staff had found the key. Thanks to the caring staff at Universal Studios — those two pennies and some prayer.
With keys in hand, we visited Venice Beach . . .
The World Famous Santa Monica Pier
Drove through Hollywood, top down, of course.
And had to try what every Californian we've met has recommended to us: A #1 menu item at In-N-Out Burger, a Southern California favorite.
It was a good day, ending with a kiss from Marilyn Monroe

Cruise passengers embarking or disembarking in Los Angeles (or the terminals at San Pedro) can do all of the above and more in one day, minus losing your keys, of course.

The Avid Cruiser’s recommendations for a full day in Los Angeles: Rent a fun car at Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car; drive to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, before heading to Hollywood and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Plan to spend at least a few hours at Universal Studios Hollywood, making sure to do the Studio Tour.

On your way back to return the rental car, stop at In-N-Out Burger. You’ll see plenty, but if you should miss, there’s one across the street from Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car. Order menu item #1. Substitute the soda for a shake if you wish.

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