Staying In Good Spirit, Despite Missing The Boat

[Editor’s Note: Avid Cruiser contributor Geoff Edwards reports from Silver Spirit, sailing from Acapulco to Los Angeles.]

Silversea’s new Spirit is the company’s latest and largest, although large is not, in this case, necessarily big. The new Spirit is in the 500 passenger range, and a true luxury ship.

My wife Michael and I are on the ten-day cruise from Acapulco to Los Angeles with a bunch of Mexico in between.

The view out the window in Acapulco is lovely. I wish I could see it. My view is a blank motel wall.

Everything was so set up. We had a 7:45 AM flight to Acapulco on Mexicana, with a change of plane in Mexico City. Not wanting to take any chances on missing the plane because of traffic, we took a sleep and fly room at the 4 Points Sheraton. The whole package is actually cheaper than parking at the airport.

Now this is where the idiot not so deep inside me popped out. I figured if we left the hotel on the shuttle at 6:30 AM, we’d be close but still make the flight. Little did I know that the shuttle would make several stops and load lots of people and baggage.

With that delay we got to the airport at 6:46; to the counter at 6:48.

“Flight’s closed, sir. It closed at 6:45”.

We had endless wasted chatter back and forth, but the result was a cancellation fee, plus a higher fare. We get out of here at 1 AM tomorrow with a five-hour layover in Mexico City and finally arrive in Acapulco at 11 tomorrow morning.

I know better and am dumbfounded at my stupidity after all these years of traveling. Hmm, is that the operative phrase, “after all these years”?

We will check in EARLY tonight.

With any luck, Silversea’s Spirit tomorrow. Oh, and now it’s the 9 day from Acapulco.

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