Silver Spirit In Manzanillo, Mexico

Welcome to Manzanillo

Manzanillo is reputed to be the safest city in Mexico (our guards looked very alert);

its port, the largest.

But its air is not the cleanest. Two stacks from some kind of factory pump particulates into the area all day long.

Unfortunately, the view from our cabin did not quite inspire a trip to town.

There was, however an available shuttle, so Michael and I got ourselves together and left the ship. It was $4 per person roundtrip. No problem, but we were the only two on this 40 seat bus. We were told it didn’t have to fill up before it would leave. There was no guess as to when that would be, but having been told they weren’t on a schedule; I worried about the return trip. We decided to bypass town and spend the day on Silver Spirit.

Just entering the reception area gives one a sense of serenity.

We felt like we were the only ones here, and looking at the pool we were close to correct.

An hour later, like the pool, the shuttle still sat empty.

On board we again hit the La Terrazza buffet. I’ve been on a bunch of ships, many of them in the luxury category and have never experienced such a glut of goodies.

I took photos of all the offerings but rather than have you look at numerous hot and cold dishes and salad after salad, just let me say there are close to 60 different offerings. How to choose? For me it was simple:

Unbelievable, thank you Santa.

After lunch in the sun, we headed to our suite to look into the mirror.

Or maybe to watch TV.

The ship had a couple more surprises for me. The shower…..I saw the hand held squirter and turned it on.

A deluge of cold water came from the sky. The best shower on any ship yet, but, well, who knew.

Then there’s the modern faucet.

That one thin lever turns the water on, off, and governs the temperature. It took me four days to make it work as it should. Michael is still struggling with the lack of two taps. And, oh yes, the shower soaked her too, but no word of warning to me. Hardy ha ha.

Talking about my wife, wife being the operative word, Michael got an invitation to “Singles Get Together.” Am I like an old general,  just fading away?

Tomorrow at sea and more about Spirit

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  • Silversea charges $4 for the shuttle!! Oh no not at their daily rate.

    • John, sorry for the misunderstanding, the shuttle to the port entrance was free.
      Thanks for your note.
      Geoff Edwards


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