Silver Spirit in Ensenada

We have experienced Ensenada many times, and have no interest today. However, I did learn one thing; This area is “the heart of the wine region. In truth, I have never seen a bottle of Mexican wine. The first vineyard was planted in 1703, but for some reason the results don’t appear in stores north of the border.

Because it’s close to San Diego and Los Angeles, Ensenada serves as the mandatory foreign port for many ships to and around Hawaii. It’s also a close Mexican location for good prices on silver and gold, some of which is still mined in the vicinity.

A new shop has opened dockside.

If you want to go into town, shuttle  is $2; back to the ship, $3,

OK, one thing before Cabo fades. It is almost a tradition for me, when visiting Cabo to buy the hottest sauce I can find.

This time I found it in a large store that sold all kinds of goods. Here’s what blew me away; the price was in pesos, but they would only accept dollars.

And now, the food, boss, the food!

Silver Spirit has six restaurants, four of them without extra charge. We ate on the upper pool deck at “Hot Rocks”. You have your choice of chops, steak, or seafood.

It arrives on a HOT piece of volcanic stone with sides, well, on the side. Want it rare? Take it off in a minute. Want it well done? Leave it awhile.

Last night was in Seishin.

This is a Japanese restaurant, which, with nine courses and a wine degustation, is $200 per person. $80 will get you several Sakes. Smaller courses with beer or wine are $30 and $40. I had the forty dollar choice.

The food was excellent, but for me the charge excessive. It is difficult, however, to find good octopus back in Canyon Country.

As we dressed this morning, there was a crew emergency drill. This announcement came over the speakers; “For exercise, for exercise, crew to muster stations.” Don’t they have a gym? I’m sorry.

We head back to Los Angeles tonight.

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