Silver Spirit: Cabo San Lucas, Hot Rocks

By Geoff Edwards

Above, is possibly the most photographed jutting rock in modern times. Of course it wasn’t until “modern” times that cameras were invented. It’s called El Arco.

What is little known is, just off these rocks, the ocean drops to a depth of 1,200 feet. Go down there and you’ll find a deep gorge formed by the San Andreas Fault. Flowing over the edge of that “cliff,” is a continuous cascade of sand heading for the canyon floor. No other such happening has been found.

We are back in Cabo San Lucas. Last December when we were here I mentioned the continuous growth. In just three months more has popped up. Just off the pier you can swim with the dolphins.

Sad. Maybe sadder still, in a few weeks, $3 million-plus homes will have $29.95 views.

Never mind, we were on a wedding ring hunt. Michael and I have been disagreeing for days over what to put on my finger. At Diamonds International

it jumped out at us. Simultaneously we said, “That one!”

Michael then did her negotiation and got 25 percent off. Even though some travel advisors say that negotiating in “brand” stores is not possible, they haven’t met Michael.

In the corner of the Diamonds International is a small counter with chips and drinks. The guy serving is there to pitch the taco place across the street.

Go there, order a chimichanga and you can call the US or Canada without charge.

Last night it was BBQ night on Silver Spirit. Group BBQ’s for some reason do not enamor me. I literally had to be talked in to going to the pool deck. Surprise!  There was an amazing layout,

incredible food,

and a show.

The choreography was excellent;

dancers outstanding; lighting…..what lighting?

It must have been weird to be a featured soloist with no spotlight in your eyes to hide the fact you‘re singing to an empty pool.

The air was warm, the moon full,

and the service above reproach. Yup, Silver Spirit is at the top of the luxury list. 5 stars? 6 stars? Try seven.

In addition to the unparalleled food, accommodations, and service, there are some modest items that ordinarily are just accepted, but some other luxury ships are not similarly equipped. For instance, the toilet seat and cover do not slam down, but gently hit their mark; it is the same with the door. It slowly swings closed with a soft click.

Tonight we are dining at “Hot Rocks”. As I understand it; your meat is cooked on a bed of hot rocks……by you. If my fingers are not severely burned, I’ll write about it tomorrow.

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