Silver Spirit . . . On The Way . . . At Long Last

[continued from Staying In Good Spirit, Despite Missing The Boat]

Another $50, and we were able to stay in our hotel room until 6 p.m. Then a “hotel” dinner, and then, oh my, we got to sit on a couch in the 4 Points Sheraton Lounge, in front of a big screen TV with no sound. Three hours of silent CNN, and it was finally time to head to Mexicana to check in for the 1:05 a.m. flight to Mexico City, connecting to Acapulco.

Of course, there was a fairly long line at the counter, but I’m an elite member of oneworld® and those two spots were open. Hooray, right up to the counter. Cancel Hooray! Both computers were down. Uno momento. Uno momento mas.

More then a few momentos later one computer suddenly woke up. We were on our way.

The flight on the Airbus 310 was on time and not full, so we each had three seats for our beds with belts.

This wasn’t the first time I had flown to Mexico City. The first, years ago, was to cover a news story for Channel 8 in San Diego. The cameraman and I flew out of Tijuana on a Mexican airline. We both watched in astonishment as a flight attendant took a tray of Tequila shots and lime into the flight deck.

The second, some time later, I watched through an outsized window in the terminal as my suitcases were loaded onto a cart not headed for the carousel inside, but to another plane. I slammed my fists against the window. The baggage guy looked up and, in some weird kind of sign language, I pointed and he went bag to bag to bag as I shook my head “no” or nodded “yes.” Not too much later they came along the moving belt.

Like most international airports, Mexico City’s is big! We walked, let me take a guess, 4,780 miles to our next terminal area.

At every foot of the way, there are shops selling everything from cameras and cellular phones to Victoria Secret underwear.

Michael was bravely holding back from killing me. Did I mention she is stll using a cane to ease the pressure and some pain on her broken knee? Suddenly her eyes sparked, a grin spread, she pointed. I was saved by Krispy Kreme, her caloric choice long at the top of her list.

All was well.

After a four-hour wait, or should I say a dozen Krispy Kremes, we boarded the plane to Acapulco. MexicanaClick is the best commuter line I’ve flown. Only 40 minutes flight time; soft drinks, coffee and cookies were served.

Acapulco airport is beautiful; the ride to the ship had our mouths dropping at the growth of this whole area. It took about an hour until we could say, Estamos aqui!!

And here, is where I learned the ship is not “The Spirit,” but the Silver Spirit.

Bliss, at last.

Tomorrow, more about the ship, and Zihuatanejo.

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