On Silver Spirit: Moseying Into Mazatlan

What those guys are doing standing there on rollers is beyond me, but I love the whimsy.

Basically, we’re docked at another freight yard,

but there’s a shuttle to the main entry. Once there you can shop for jewelry, drugs, crafts, etc.

Taxis to town are $6 each way and are fun motorized carts.

A note. I am getting response from those of you who know Ralph Grizzle, the honcho and owner of Avid Cruiser. It appears that when Ralph sends out notice of a new entry, my name, Geoff Edwards does not appear. I’m sure some of you were surprised to read about “his wife” Michael.

Someone asked me a while back to characterize a luxury cruise ship. Well, how about if a lady comes to Reception and says: “I need a new battery for my watch.” And the man in charge says, “Yes, of course.”

Silver Spirit can overwhelm in other ways. Dinner last night was in La Terrazza, a superb Italian restaurant.

We tried to get photos of the two page menu. The print is small, and we forgot to count the courses offered.

Suffice to say, you could eat here every night and not repeat, well, not repeat your selection. The food, delicioza. (Is that Italian?) There was no way we could complete all the courses. We’ll give it a go again.

Oh and by the way, 12 pizzas just waiting for you.

A while back as I was drumming on the steering wheel, I missed hearing the usual whack from my left hand. OMG, my wedding ring was gone. We searched everywhere, but no luck. Thus, one of our goals on this trip is to buy me a wedding ring. We saw one in the boutique that came close to what we are looking for . . .  but not quite.

Natalie said, “It comes with no tax or duty.” I replied, “It’s a wedding ring, it comes with tons of duty.”

I went ashore to see if I could find a ring I liked. YES, I found exactly what I was looking for. Now, if I could convince Michael, we’d be man and wife again.

“That’s UGLY!!!!”

We’ll look tomorrow in Cabo San Lucas.

Meanwhile, our TV is down so I’ll catch up on today’s news in the library.

Michael may get a pedicure.

Tonight, dinner with some journalist friends. Later we may want to be alone, so we’ll go to the casino.


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  • Great job Geoff, enjoying your musings. Sorry you lost your ring, though. Silvesea is my favorite cruise line, but don’t tell the others, been on several times and always the best. Haven’t done the new one, yet, but hope to soon.
    Bon voyages to you and Michael, Ralph’s new wife


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