Update: ‘Foul’ Smell On Carnival Dream? Recent Cruiser Says No

With his family booked on a March 2010 cruise on Carnival Dream, Avid Cruiser reader Scott W. writes to say he’s worried about a potential foul odor on the ship. Scott worries that the odor could jeopardize his family’s ‘Dream’ vacation.

I cruised Carnival Dream for a few nights out of New York and noticed no such odor. I should also note that Avid Cruiser contributor Geoff Edwards mentioned no such smells during his weeklong Dream voyage late last year. You will find Geoff’s account on on Avid Cruiser’s Carnival Dream page. But perhaps Avid Cruiser readers could help out.

Have you cruised Carnival Dream? If so please share your experience by commenting on Avid Cruiser’s Carnival Dream page, where you can read Scott’s comment or below. Anyone is welcome to comment.

Update: And someone did comment. Wayne Miller just returned from Carnival Dream and did a thorough olfactory inspection. Putting all areas to the smell test, he found no foul odors. In fact, Miller even went so far as to call his vacation on Dream, the best of seven cruises. Thanks Wayne!

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Wayne Miller says:

Hello I just got off the Dream today March 6,2010. Have been on 7 other cruises and feel this was the ultimate cruise. We went to Nassau, St
Thomas, and St Martin. We were treated like royalty, the shows were fantastic, the crew and staff was very friendly, always there to help and serve us. I had read this “foul smell article before we left so I was waiting to get back to you on it’s location” I went everywhere, top to bottom, front to back, side to side , inside and out, the only foul smell I found was behind this old lady, which was bad so I stayed away from her. Like I stated this was the best of the seven cruises I have taken, but if you want a for sure, pure confident, no way I’ll ever have a bad time, guarentee, hey stay home with all your family and save the room for the rest of us. I’ll be back for this Dream again. Wayne

Ralph Grizzle says:

Wayne, Thanks for the comment. Yes, Carnival usually delivers a great vacation experience. Glad your trip was so enjoyable.

cruise reviews says:

Before you want to take a cruise to anywhere, you must do LOTS of research before you make any decision. It just too many company and difference, you really got to compare on your own. And all price will change every day and every moment. Even if you go to a travel agency to find out who had a better deal or which had better service.

Nathan Jessip says:

Beautiful ship however it was our worst cruise experience. We’ve been on 4 other Carnival Cruises, always in suites and found our March 13, 2010 Dream cruise out of Port Canaveral to be the worst. Issues: we looked forward to the VIP treatment that came with our suites and were surprised and disappointed to be told that only Platinum guests (10 or more cruises) are VIPs – particularly missed the ‘pins’ that my family collects. Very noticeable reduction in staff – slow drink service, dinning service. The dining staff tried but seemed to be waiting too many tables to clear and serve them timely. The maître d’ was not helpful – bordered on rude – only seen once in the 7 days. Surprised at the unexpected odor of sewage on several days at sea – this only happened once before on a far older ship.

Lori says:

I just got home on Sunday from my cruise on the Carnival Dream….I would NOT sail with Carnival again after last week’s experience. The smell is very foul and we most certainly smelled it 3 or so out of the 7 day cruise. The first time we smelled it was the first day on the boat in the serenity (all adult) area. The smell was extremely bad!! I also do not think the overall cleanliness of the boat was up to par (deck around pool areas, under chairs, etc.). Our dinner service was hit or miss every night – sometimes the food was good, sometimes it was not so good….but the service from our waiter was HORRIBLE. Seems like she just couldn’t get the hang of it! Tried to go to one of the shows (30 min early) and there was no place to sit. Did make it to the country show and left 15 minutes after it started – was horrible! Not very happy for the money we spent! Both St Marteen & St Thomas were awesome!

Scott W says:

Hello. I was the person who was afraid of the smell on the Dream. It’s Scott W. Well…..The smell was there. I smelled it the worst when we were on the pool deck, by the Serenity area and on the water slides. It is real and is not a figment of our imagination. That being said, it was no big deal. Annoying, yes. Unwanted, yes. But not a deal breaker. We still had a great time. Our room (8394) also had a bad smell until I complained and they came in and shampooed the carpets and somehow cleaned the air. We had adjoining rooms with our kids and their room never smelled. Weird.

Joe says:

I’m looking forward to the carnival Dream. I’m a veteran cruiser, the “Dream” looks like the next obvious cruise. Seven days seems like a great time to read a book (I love the days at sea). Carnivival has always given me a great cruise experience. I’m in my fiftyies so quiet time is good but Carnival has never disapointed me with other fun late at night. If the Dream is as good as the other boats I will be happy.

michael arnoldi says:

May 22 cruise 2010 E-Caribbean:
the foul smell is stil there in halways & on deck , but is not there all the time.
this should have been fixed along time ago

Debbie says:

I was on the Dream for week of May 8th. We smelled the foul odor several times. Usually in the hallways and staircase. It smelled like a sewer. I am taking the same cruise with a different group of people the week of August 28th. Will report back if it is still lingering. It is an annoying problem that Carnival should fix. Not a deal breaker issue…

Mariegrant86 says:

I will be Cruising on the Dream in November this year, I never been on Carnival only Royal..  I am so worried now I put out so much money.  I am worried about the food because I am a picky eater.   I hate bad smell and get sick very easy.  I am also worried about my room not being up to what I expect.  I am thinking of getting my money back HELP

Bryan says:

Just got home from a western Caribbean 7 day cruise on the Dream out of Port Canaveral . My wife and I had previously cruised twice on Princess and loved it. This time we thought we would give Carnival   a try– not impressed. There WAS a sewage order periodically in the corridors. Also we had to ask for a fan to help get rid of an acetone smell the first night.  Breakfast items ranged from “Ho Hum” to “Yuck”   Dinners were generally good and the staff was good too– unlike the staff in the buffet..
I hated walking through the smoking section, but it was awkward to avoid the area all the time. The woman they had selling crap in the Encore theater should have been selling Sham-wows! 

beware of the “yellow emeralds” they are selling in the jewelery shop.  They are NOT emeralds– just beryls. and overly expensive for what you get.  Next time we will not be traveling Carnival.

Leon says:

Just got back from a 7 day cruise that went to Nassau St Thomas and Sint Maarten! I loved it! The foul smell was only noticeable to me when we were docked. Even then it shouldn’t ruin your experience!

Dody Cockeram says:

We just spent 7 days on the dream. We had a really bad odor smell in our cabin 1 night and one day. We ended up leaving our room. While we were gone carnival staff took care of the problem. When we came back to our room 12 hours layer it was gone it had been coming through the vent. Do not know from what, it did smell like sewer gas. It was noticed by alot of people on the aft side of the ship later in the week. We did have a great time even with the inconvenience of the one day.

Pam says:

This was my first cruise aboard carnival dream. 7 days western Caribbean was amazing. Sailed out of New Orleans June 25- July 2, 2017. There was a small smell on Tuesday morning but what the smell was the burning of solid waste before we made port. Thinking they can dump gray water and burned waste in ocean made before port. Rotan, Belize, Coluzmel. We had person had heart attack on Saturday so we pushed to get to port of Mississippi so the coast guard could pick up on Saturday night. Arrive Sunday morning at 2:30 am. In port we should of arrived at 8am. Great trip!!!

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