Oceania Marina: Coffee Bar With The World’s Best Sea View?

Barista Bar on Oceania Cruises New Marina

You’ll need to use your imagination, as Oceania’s Marina is under construction in Genoa, Italy, but the panorama picture you’re looking at is of a soon-to-be-completed coffee bar overlooking the pool deck (click the photo to enlarge the image).

Typically, this space might be reserved for bars serving beverages with more kick than coffee, but as Oceania Cruises’ CEO Frank del Rio pointed out to press touring the ship today in Genoa, “Our guests aren’t big (alcohol) drinkers.”

Certainly, a coffee bar seems to be the perfect complement for this space; something different anyway. You don’t often see coffee bars at sea with views such as this.

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Charles says:

Hi Ralph,

Nice video.
Will you be on Marina’s maiden voyage? We hope to see you there.

Charles & Alice , Regatta, Sep 2009

Ralph Grizzle says:

Hi Charles! Nice to hear from you. I doubt I will be on the maiden voyage – perhaps some pre-inaugural events. I was thinking of our wonderful cruise on Regatta last week when I was with Frank del Rio and company. I think you’re going to love Marina. They’ve done a nice thing with the coffee bar overlooking the pool. The restaurants are going to impressive. And there’s a Bon Appetit Culinary School. Maybe we’ll be side-by-side in cooking class one day. Please give my best to Alice. Ralph

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