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Following are four of the most popular stories on Avid Cruiser, including new reviews of Costa Deliziosa, a sampling of Silver Spirit’s dining venues, six vital tips for cruisers, and commentary about visas, passports and other papers required to cruise.

Six Tips To Extract More Joy From Your Cruise

You can't do this from an inside stateroom. Tip # 1. Balconies are better.
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It’s one thing to get a great deal, but it’s another to budget so tightly that you extract any possibility for pleasure on your cruise. Yes, inside cabins are cheaper than balcony cabins, but balcony cabins can be much more rewarding.

Of course, only you can know how much moolah you’re willing to part with for the best possible cruise vacation. So balance your budget against these recommendations.

We’re not asking that you break the bank, but don’t squeeze the nickel so hard that you choke the buffalo.

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Read Six Tips To Extract More Joy From Your Cruise on Avid Cruiser.

Costa Deliziosa Cruise Review: Sunglasses & Short Skirts, A Full Italian Immersion

Costa's Massimo Masso, master of five languages and ready to serve you.

On board Costa Deliziosa en route to Naples, Italy.

After 24 hours on Costa’s brand new Deliziosa, two things become apparent:

  1. Deliziosa feels like a Carnival Corporation ship, which, of course, it is. Those who have cruised Carnival Corp.’s other brands, particularly Carnival Cruise Lines or Princess Cruises, will feel at home on Deliziosa.
  2. There are about 1,000 people, or a little more than half of the population on this preview cruise, who look as though they’ve just stepped off a Milanese catwalk and onto the ship — and perhaps they have.

That’s because Deliziosa (is it just me or does the name sound like a cocktail or an entree at Olive Garden?) is an Italian ship through and through. On board, it’s not unusual to see people wearing sunglasses, indoors and in winter, mind you; or skirts so short, and with so little material, that it makes one wonder if the seamstress was fired before finishing her job. Read more Costa Deliziosa Cruise Review: Sunglasses & Short Skirts, A Full Italian Immersion

Papers Please?

Who's responsible for obtaining visas and proper paperwork for your cruise?
Who's responsible for obtaining visas and proper paperwork for your cruise?

We all like to think that if we, as Swedes, Americans, Italians or Germans, book a cruise, the travel agent or the cruise line we book with will let us know everything we need in order to get on the ship and into the destinations where we’re sailing.

But in fact, that’s not the case. Passengers are always responsible for securing their own visas and passports. As Europeans and Americans, given the luxury we have in being able to visit so many parts of the world without a visa, we sometimes forget to do this.

I have received quite a few letters from angry passengers who have been left behind because they failed to get the proper documentation to enter ports on their cruises. Read more Papers Please?

Avid Cruiser Video: Sampling Silver Spirit’s Dining Venues

Silversea Cruises’ new Silver Spirit features six restaurants, including Seishin, an Asian fusion restaurant, where the signature item will be Kobe beef, served with sushi, sashimi, exotic sakes (the rice wine), and more.

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