Seabourn Odyssey to Puerto Caldero

If memory serves me (but it hardly does) perhaps the most relaxed moment of my life took place this afternoon. The bow whirlpool

with the birds drifting overhead

was only interrupted by the squawking when one tried to land where there was no room for a stranger.

I’m finally getting the “Yacht” concept as opposed to the cruise ship approach. We decided to eat at Colonnade last night.

So we didn’t have to be “Casual Elegant” which would have meant jacket for me. We ran into Linda and Steve Bauer and ate together. Steve is lecturing on this portion of the trip; a retired Colonel, he served in the White House as a military social aide under Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush. Linda is a journalist and together they write books. This is cruise 117 for them.

So what does that have to do with the Yacht concept? Out of the blue, I realized there were no flashbulbs going off. No photographer asking us to sit closer together, or making two of us change position for a 4 shot. There are no ship’s photographers on my yacht! And no music on the pool deck to disturb one’s sense of serenity. This is small but looms big when it doesn’t work. Salt on the open deck dining areas works! Instead on fat, humid heavy salt trying to get through petite outlets, the “shaker” is a grinder. Another nice touch that even top restaurants neglect is an empty beaker next to the sugar substitutes. This holds the emptied envelopes. So simple, but so stylish.

Dessert was floating island pudding, something my grandmother used to make, but it never looked like this.

Leaving dinner we were tempted by the movie under the stars, but I passed. I didn’t want to see Julia and Juliette at home either.

Again, for lunch we ate at Colonnade, and almost had to shoo the waiters away. The great thing for me about the staff is they get my humor. After a bit, they come up with their own. Tito remembered our names, and Michael was impressed. She asked him how he did it. He said, “Magic happens.”

I do have one small complaint. There are no directions in the laundry as to how to start the washing machine. Three ladies and I all had a different method. None of them worked. Also, a hint for those who will sail Odyssey, there is a second unmarked laundry directly across the hall from the one the three and I have been using.

Our room stewardess is Sonette from South Africa.

Since the Panama Canal she has been leaving us a personal note in the evening.

She probably does that for each of her cabin’s passengers, but I like to think it is just because we’ve befriended her.

Tomorrow we dock at Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the tour to the Monteverde Rainforest has been canceled for tomorrow, because of…………..wait for it………..RAIN.

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