Seabourn Odyssey to Panama Canal

A penne for your thoughts. Some thought I was being a bit persnickety (I didn’t know I even knew that word) in yesterday’s blog when I complained about the penne pasta. OK, you are right. I have no idea what provoked me to order it. The woman next to me had the best looking lamb chops I’ve seen on a ship’s plate.

But I want to assure you that what I am about to say has nothing to do with my remorse. The French fries on Odyssey are the best I have ever had. They coat the potato slice with a couple kinds of flour and pop them in the oil.

There is no thick coating, just a French fry that would make Jenny Craig take a handful. I want to open a drive thru that only serves these fries. And maybe pizza. This may be the only ship where thin crust NY style pizza is standard.

Kendall Meuskens, the head of IT on Odyssey, stopped by this morning. He had the AvidCruiser blog from the other day with my typo that mentioned the ship charged $69.99 for an hour of internet time. I hope he found me less doltish than that sum might lead him to expect; the price is $9.99. He cleared one thing up. The cost of the Loyalty Package, $399, is good for a guest’s entire trip, even if that trip is around the world. Amazing. He also helped me increase the speed of my internet connection by having me move the laptop to the opposite wall.

Seabourn has taken a bit of a gamble with Odyssey. The other Seabourn ships are marketed as “your yachts” and carry a bit over 200 passengers. There is a large base of repeat passengers who always sail with Seabourn. Odyssey has 450 passengers. I have heard complaints that this ship is too big. Strangely, both of the complaints came from couples who were sailing on Odyssey for the second time. This is a warm intimate ship.

I searched for two days for the purser’s desk. There is none. Instead all, including excursions, is handled in a relaxed, no lines, enclosure.

On Odyssey, you ask for it and you get it.

When this ship first sailed there were complaints about the difficulty of getting a reservation at Restaurant 2. We had no problem. Although it’s suggested that reservations can only be taken 48 hours in advance, we called yesterday, got right through, and will be eating there tonight. The only thing I know positively about the food tonight is, I will not order penne.

We’ve been on two world cruises, and are surprised that the age of the passengers doesn’t skew older. this is a lively group.

I missed the photo-op of the one year old being fitted with a life jacket. but I got the one of what to do at the end of a busy day at sea.

Tomorrow a report on Restaurant 2, as we are one day away from the canal.

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