Seabourn Odyssey Puerto Quetzal

We are now in one of the busiest and most modern ports in Central America. It is certainly not the prettiest. Vendors are set up on the freight dock.

The hawkers know which ship is which and, which is rich. The prices are set accordingly. One frog made of “jade” was $450 dollars. Another piece of nondescript jewelry was $250.

Let the haggling begin.

There is another area at the pier, not our pier, but one that handles just one ship and is a 10 minute bus ride on a dirt road through the bush. Just a larger version of the dock stands, but with the same handmade crafts.

I wonder if there is a machine that turns them out with just enough slight faults to make them look authentic. Although I must say I loved the giraffes.

For one it was not an exciting experience,

for another it was a long wait for mommy.

My advice for Puerto Quetzal is take the tour to Colonial Antigua. Interesting to see and worth the long bus drive.

Although this is a high end luxury ship, there are no butlers assigned to staterooms. We are also lacking something else. There are no art auctions. And no advertisements with the day’s events pushing spa treatments, 50% off gold chains, or special casino games. I’m not sure there’s room in the casino for special games

and the Odyssey passengers certainly have no need for more gold chains.

We dined in Colonnade. Johanna Jainchill, a top travel writer who sailed on Odyssey just before us said it was her favorite spot; ours too. It’s neat to eat on a ship and have the food prepared to order.

Tomorrow at sea for Acapulco.

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