Seabourn Odyssey Caldera

Breakfast was at Colonnade and good. So much variety, and yet I saw no area for the line to get waffles or fried eggs or even omelets. I settled on the already prepared scrambled eggs, hot in the pot. On most ships this becomes a dry run, but these eggs were better than I make at home. It turns out that omelets etc. are ordered from the waiter and brought to your table. Next time! Oh, and there are no lines.

Puerto Caldera is on the West coast of Costa Rica. We docked between a huge freighter and Windjammer Barefoot Cruise’s Legacy.

This boat has seen better days, and as far as I could tell was deserted. Later at night, not a light shown from her hull.

Believe me; Puerto Caldera has little to offer. Odyssey provided a free shuttle to Puntarenas 30 minutes further up the shoreline. Except for black sand beaches and some vendors lined up along the beach walk, Puntarenas has little to offer. Most of the products for sale are duplicated from stand to stand, except one, which, among other things, sold hot sauce. Those who know me know I am a hot sauce addict and I now own TABASCO. I’ll test it at dinner.

Puerto Caldera is used as a pick point for Odyssey’s supplies.

Looks like fish for dinner.

It’s also a departure point to visit the capitol, San Jose. The tourist area of San Jose is about 15 by 4 blocks, and includes a beautiful Opera House and the National Museum. It is, however, a long bus ride to the top of the mountain, and of course back down again. We liked San Jose when we were there previously, but a revisit including that long bus ride on a winding road, was not appealing.

We’ve also taken the Rain Forest Aerial Tram, some bus time away. This rain forest is “home to two-thirds of all rain forest species” and, “a little known world of tremendous biological diversity.” We saw one butterfly. Our guide said, “Yesterday there was a Macaw.”

My recommendation is the Eco Jungle Tour and Crocodile Watch. You may miss a butterfly, but you will see crocodiles. But be sure to take at least one of the tours offered here; otherwise not much will be happening in your cruise life.

That being said we bussed to Puntarenas. On the way, every home, actually every building we saw had bars on all the windows and doors; some even had barbed wire on the top of their walls.

The beach was close to empty, but the sand was not tempting.

It also looks like surfing is not popular here.

About all I can say is the graffiti is a lot nicer than that in Los Angeles.

We were scheduled to sail at 6 PM, but that was not to happen. Odyssey waited for passengers arriving from the airport, reportedly on their way. OK, they’re here, let’s go. Nope. A strong wind pushed us against the dock and we couldn’t maneuver. Two tugs were called into service.

Nope. Even with two tugs pulling it didn’t happen. At 7:30 a third tug arrived from Puntarenas and as the other two hauled, it slipped between us and the dock and pushed.

Free at last

We watched all this from our table on the outside of Colonnade.

Oh and the TABASCO is HOT!

Loved it.

Back in the cabin, the news about Haiti was on all the news channels. A CNN newscaster said that when she heard about the earthquake, she “got a pit in her stomach”.

The strong wind continued. We had a bumpy night.

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