Seabourn Odyssey Cabo

I have watched Cabo grow, and grow, and grow from dirt streets to a hotel, condo, and mansion paradise. A once bare hill is now filling up,

but, even with growth, the entry to Cabo is unchangeable.

All cruise ships must anchor in the bay and tender passengers into the port area.

There was tight security getting into Baja. Any bags or backpacks being brought along were opened and physically searched For the first time we saw soldiers and police patrolling the pier.

In total 17 security people were easily visible.

The last time we were in Cabo, Senor Greenberg’s delicatessen had left the main area of town and occupied a new and larger building on the pier esplanade.

Now Senor Greenberg’s has disappeared and Senor Frog’s is having a party.

This place is really cookin’ (sorry); waiters dance with the girls,

families wear balloon hats,

and rock and roll booms from the speakers.

The menu was deposited on an empty chair.

I asked the waiter what a Tampiquena was. He slit his throat with his finger. Then he said, “Poor quality.” Well, as my son Chess says, always trust the waiters, they know what goes on in the kitchen.

Michael ordered chicken quesadillas, and I went for the chimichanga. For me a local beer, and the tallest Diet Coke in the world for her.

The food would never pass California standards. Tortillas are cooked in grease. They are so good!!

As we waited for our order, my hat was suddenly pulled off and a stuffed green frog was dumped on my lap. Michael got the hat trick also. The hat guy had a medallion around his neck that said “I like tips.” OK, so he took some photos with our camera

and got what he liked.

Next the balloon guy came over and started to blow up a balloon. I, in turn, blew him off. I’m not used to dining out, and not having some sort of control.

Fun never stops at Senor Frogs. The head guy had a microphone and did a DJ thing with the music. The idea? The first person to name the music being played won a shot of booze; vodka, Sprite, Blue Curacao, and lime juice.

The youthful danced in their seats and, before four notes had been heard, shouted out the names. I told Michael if he’d play some big band music, I’d get myself a free drink.

Minutes later on came Glenn Miller’s band from the 40’s. It was exceptionally familiar to me, but could I come up with the name of the tune? That is a no. No one else could either, and DJ told us the name was “In The Mood.” Damn.

Four R&R songs later, one came on that stumped everyone. Everyone, except me. I shouted, “In The Mood.” I got a free drink.

Senor Frog’s is a hoot.

Be aware that your Senor Frog’s waiter, when he presents the bill, will tell you they do not accept credit cards. If you persist, they do.

This whole pier area is now crammed with stores and, except for the experience, there’s not much to lure you to take the walk into town. One note, although pharmacies abound,

it is not legal to buy prescription drugs in Mexico. Police seldom clamp down on customers, it’s bad for tourism, but they can if they need a few dollars. Many pharmacies have a medical office above them where, for some pesos, a doctor will prescribe what you want.

I am sad to leave Baja. The cruise is ending. It is cold and rainy in Los Angeles. Added to that, a tornado warning was issued for San Pedro, where we’ll dock.

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  • Geoff, Please don’t get off Odyssey in LA! We’re enjoying your posts and the virtual trip along with you!

    Curious, would it be too much to stay on board? Or are you ready to get off and live your life on terra firma for a bit?


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