Seabourn Odyssey at Sea for Acapulco

It’s back !!

Sonette thought it belonged to Room Service. Room Service had no idea what it was and why it was in their kitchen. She found all by itself on an out-of-the-way kitchen shelf.

The sun shown on smooth water as we sailed to Acapulco. Even when we reached the area of Tehuantepec, which if the wind is up can cause large waves, it was calm. So calm that Michael twice saw sea turtles floating on the surface; a bird standing on its shell top.

A few thoughts and some photos:

Odyssey offers a lot of free up to date movies on the TV. The screen seems small when watching the news, but it is tiny when watching a movie that is in widescreen format. The picture is no taller than a small Kindle

and not much wider than a laptop screen.

It’s like having free gasoline, but only motorbikes to use it.

So far at each port we’ve docked rather than been tendered. A booklet giving background on each of the ports is issued for each World Cruise segment. There is not, however, a local map showing where the ship is related to the near area.

Also, try as I might, I can’t find any indication of which part of which deck leads to where the gangplank is located. In Puerto Quetzal we asked a passenger and two crew members which way was out. We got three different answers. The passenger won the bonus round.

There are semi hidden areas on Odyssey for sunning. Our favorite is where the recliners are built for two.

At tea time, the Club has, well tea, and appropriate goodies.

Want to be athletic, shuffleboard and two putting greens can help.

The bar above the pool is a favorite meeting place.

Amazingly Seabourn Odyssey has discovered ice that will not melt.

The day was peaceful, but I decided to up it to serene. Two bottles of Moulton Oil dripped into the full, of me, tub. One was “The Heavenly Gingerlilli Bath,” the other, “Energizing Seamoss.”

The first to “transfer senses to faraway shores” (not, I hope, Puerto Quetzal) and the other to energize me enough to maneuver the 8 feet from bath to bed. I’m not sure what the totality of result was after both were mixed, but my skin was smooth and slippery enough for me to slide into an economy airline seat without friction.

We ate dinner in our cabin. There is hardly any delay between ordering and lifting your fork, and it’s the same menu as in The Restaurant.

Tomorrow Acapulco.

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