Seabourn Odyssey Acapulco

Clouds, a bit of misty drizzle, but otherwise warm weather greeted us as we docked.

There was, as in any port area, floating debris, but not for long. A crew assigned to pick up the trash was on duty.

I was first in Acapulco aboard a Greek ship, the Jason. A semi-regular on Petticoat Junction, I was traveling with Linda Kaye Henning and Mike Minor, stars of the series. After a late dinner at a hilltop restaurant, we hailed a taxi.

The driver spoke little English, so I said, “Quiermos a ir a la barca” Somewhat close to we want to go to the boat. There were not many cruise ships those days, so I figured he’d know where the “barca” was.

He did not understand, so I tried a different phrase. “Vamanos a la barca.” No reaction.

Mike looked him in the eye and said, “We go el boato.” And off we went.

Years later Michael (my wife, if you have just joined us) and I were in port and went to a place on the beach called El Paradiseo. It served the best snapper I’ve ever tasted, and also the strongest margaritas; possibly with kerosene added to the tequila. Before our snapper arrived, we were both swimming in the surf with all our clothes on.

Some years later, arriving from the Acapulco Airport and heading to the port we passed Costco and Walmart. It felt like home. As a matter of fact the biggest difference between L.A. and Acapulco is that everyone in Acapulco speaks English. But I digress.

Acapulco has changed. Just last June,  soldiers

fought a two-hour battle with heavily armed men holed up at a house in an Acapulco hotel zone. The web site Travel Acapulco says, “To avoid getting into trouble and avoid scams in Acapulco, the general rule of thumb is to walk away from anyone who comes up to you and offers you something, unless you already know and trust that person. Keep a low profile – this is probably the ‘Golden Rule’ of Mexico, and is especially applicable in Acapulco.”

I say Acapulco has changed, and I would add, so have we. This time we stayed on the ship. Others who went to see the famed cliff divers loved the tour.

My advice these days? When in Acapulco take a ship’s tour. And if you need information, well that’s up to you.

Back on board it was party time on the pool deck

with caviar and cucaracha.

On our way out of port, I mentioned to the Assistant Cruise Director that I was waiting for the ship to stop so the band could swim home. He changed the subject.

Dinner again at Colonnade.

Sitting outside eating by candlelight and watching the shore lights fade, is hard to beat. Michael loved her appetizer of Twice Baked Boursin Cheese Soufflé with roasted sweet garlic cream. She said it was the best thing she had ever eaten that wasn’t dessert. She asked the server if she could have another. His reply?

“On Seabourn Odyssey, what you want, you can have.”

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  • Seems like you and Michael are having a blast Geoff. Hope you all have a great time in Acapulco. And that your reviews have been funny and really well-written. Keep up the good work!


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