Seabourn Odyssey, A Day At Sea

Last night was formal, but even though my robe is luxurious, I didn’t’ have a bow tie to go with it.

Caviar was on the main menu, and also on my plate in our room. On Odyssey, the same dinner on The Restaurant menu can be ordered for cabin consumption. The attendant who answered our Room Service call actually tried to talk Michael to have dinner delivered dish by dish. Being wary of a wait between each course she opted for all to come at once. The waiter was ringing our bell in what seemed like minutes. My suggestion, do course by course. Oh the food? Scrumptious

This is the second morning that we’ve slept until 10 AM. The reason: Besides catching up on sleep, there is not a sound to disturb us. No ding dong; “Good morning everyone, this is your Cruise Director, Cheery Bubly, with a list of today’s activities”. Odyssey figures we can all read the schedule of events we got the night before. Besides, the cabin can be completely darkened so not a ray of sun peaks through. Or in this case a drop of rain.

Houston, we have a problem. Apparently, the ship’s dry cleaning facilities have failed. They are hoping to find a solution which is being dubbed “a satisfactory alternative.” I already found mine.

This is good news for the wardrobe impaired. Many passengers, I am sure, rely upon dry cleaning for their elegant casual clothes. Not to be, at least for awhile. Tonight as been reclassified as CASUAL. Yes!

The internet can be accessed in your cabin.  Here are the packages you can get:

  • 1 hour $ 9.99
  • Daily Package $39.99
  • Weekly Package $234
  • Longer than 7 days $399.99 (good for your entire trip)

I recommend either of the two that will cover your trip.

The connection speed, at least in Suite 618, is sloooooooow. However, if you take your laptop to the computer section in Seabourn Center it speeds up considerably.

In Seabourn Center there’s also a nice library.

Many of the books are by English authors (read England) and look interesting. I took two. No need to check them out, Seabourn trusts you’ll bring them back.

And if that’s not enough, Seabourn Center serve coffee and snacks.

The group gathers at around 4 PM.

Actually, I brought a book with me. It is a comedy, The Confidence-Man, by Herman Melville, written in 1857. On the first page, the second paragraph was one sentence. 97 words in that sentence. In the subsequent sentence, 189 words. The noise our neighbors in the cabin next door heard was Melville meeting the wall.

A note of caution: On most ships the first door next to the sleeping area leads to the bathroom. Those ships have no walk-in closet. Our walk-in closet is the first door, the bathroom the second. In the dark and memory sleep numbed, I went to the first door. It is a good idea to leave the lights on in both rooms, and with the doors closed the light won’t disturb sleep. That way, midnight mistakes will be avoided.

Tomorrow, Cartagena.

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  • Wow. You have enjoyed the journey of Seabourn Odyssey. So by you story i think i am feeling jealous to you. But the internet charge was too much, i think. I really enjoyed your day on the Seabourn. Thanks for the post.


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