First Look: Silver Spirit Spa

Silver Spirit's Spa will debut the ceramic-tiled Thermal Suite, an exclusive spa area furnished with heated lounge chairs.
Silver Spirit's Spa will debut the ceramic-tiled Thermal Suite, an exclusive spa area furnished with heated lounge chairs.

I’ll be boarding the new Silver Spirit December 20, so if you have questions about the new ship, please post comments below, and I will respond. One area of interest is Silver Spirit’s spa.

At 8,300 square feet (770 square meters), The Spa will be the largest in the Silversea fleet, featuring a beauty salon, fitness center, nine spa treatment rooms, two sauna rooms and two steam rooms.

Of special note is the debut of the ceramic-tiled Thermal Suite, an exclusive spa area furnished with heated lounge chairs. With its connecting private Hammam (Turkish bath) Chamber, it serves as the setting for the Private Hammam Experience, one of several new treatments to be rolled out aboard Silver Spirit. In addition, an outdoor relaxation area will be open to all guests at no charge and will offer bar service so guests can enjoy a complimentary fruit smoothie, champagne or cocktail while soaking in its expansive whirlpool.

Among the new spa treatments and services that will be introduced aboard Silver Spirit is a selection of physician-administered facial treatments using such popular wrinkle-reducing agents as BOTOX Cosmetic and the dermal fillers Restylane and Perlane. Guests can consult with the medi-spa physician on board to determine a personalized treatment plan. Medi-spa treatments complement the traditional spa therapies, offering guests the added benefit of returning home looking as refreshed as they feel.

There’s also a new Oriental Medicine Program, offering the following therapies and treatments:

  • Acupuncture Therapy — Experienced and fully accredited acupuncturists will offer programs designed to aid weight loss, relieve stress, manage pain and benefit many other physical and psychological conditions. Acupuncture is recommended as an integrative therapy that can assist the healing process when combined with traditional medication and resources.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Program — Almost all acupuncture programs utilize Chinese herbs. These herbs are termed “whole food” as they consist of dried bark, leaves and flowers of specific plant life that aid the body in its self-healing process. Under the brand name Jou, the Chinese herbs featured at The Spa are harvested in China and meet strict manufacturing standards.

Other spa highlights include the following all new treatments:

  • Private Hammam Experience. One of the most innovative treatment additions is the Private Hammam Experience, where guests can indulge with an ancient Arabian body scrub ritual performed by a therapist in their private Hammam Chamber. The Hammam Experience offers a greater exfoliation, because the intense heat of the Thermal Suite will have softened and opened the pores, allowing for enhanced nourishment of dry skin and optimum absorption of oils. The Hammam Experience can be enjoyed as an individual treatment or as a prelude to a massage.
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Scrub Bar Experience. This fun and unique Scrub Bar Experience is a new spa feature that enables guests to choose their own exfoliating blend of scrub ingredients before they begin the DIY process with just a few easy steps that can soothe sore muscles, slough away dead skin, and reveal a smoother, more polished glow.
  • Silversea Facial. Debuting aboard Silver Spirit, this signature Silversea Facial is designed to nourish, soothe and revitalize all skin types with its indulgent alchemy of expert touch, medicinal plants, rose quartz and a pure silver leaf mask.
  • Bamboo Massage. The Spa aboard Silver Spirit also has the pleasure of introducing the Bamboo Massage, a warm, soothing massage that will awaken the senses. Imagine bamboo shoots of various sizes soaked in essential oil rolling, sliding and massaging the body’s muscles. Customized to each guest’s preference, the therapist will use deep tissue techniques or gentle strokes to relieve tension and soothe muscles.
  • Thai Herbal Poultice Massage. This energizing, rhythmic massage utilizes scented herbal poultices that are heated and applied to the body at pressure points to relax the muscles and release tension. The spa therapist then follows with an array of Eastern and Western massage techniques and acupressure movements combined with essential oils to create a wonderfully relaxing experience.
  • The Happy Couple. The Spa offers a relaxing and enjoyable opportunity for couples to reconnect in a stress-free environment. Whether it’s a couples massage or customized package for two, The Spa can cater to all couples who need an escape. For a more romantic retreat, couples services can be enhanced with a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

All organized group fitness classes and seminars are complimentary. Personalized, one-on-one training programs, salon services, spa therapies, including medi-spa and Oriental Medicine programs, are offered at an additional charge. The Spa is operated by Steiner Leisure Limited, a leading provider of spa services.

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