Chasing Silver Spirit: Next Stop, Nice

Sitting in Copenhagen’s lovely international airport awaiting the departure of Norwegian flight 3640 for Nice, France. It’s a quick trip down to the south of France, only a little more than two hours.

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday assuring that all batteries were charged (including mine!) and making certain that I could transport my “production studio” in good working order to Nice and then Monte Carlo, where Silver Spirit will be docked in that bustling harbor, among the mega-yachts and millionaire’s toys.

Anticipating Silver Spirit is a bit like going back to see an old friend. Last time, she was quite a mess — an orderly mess, no less, but with wiring strewn about, staterooms not yet finished, dumpsters on the pool deck. Sleeping on a cot in what will now be a beautiful stateroom, I wrote then that my time on board the sea trials was like pitching camp.
Coming soon, however, something completely different, Silver Spirit in all of her splendor.

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  • Looking forward to the next post. Hope your flight was on time. Mine to Fiji was not. Jolly Old St Mick had shut the country done.


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