Planet Gannet: Gaspesie

The morning that I boarded a boat to Bonaventure Island, Perce Rock was crowned by a wispy cloud. It was an indescribably beautiful sight, one of the world’s largest sheer rock formations and natural arches jutting out from the water in all of its sublime splendor.


If you journeyed here only to see Perce Rock, that would be enough. But beyond is Bonaventure Island and its bounty.


Upon landing, you wouldn’t suspect that a walk across the island, with incredible views along the way of Perce Rock, would bring you to a bird sanctuary  boasting more than 280,000 Northern Gannets. The spectacle is stunning.


The large seabirds come here to eat and to breed. I spent nearly an hour here, snapping photos and more photos and more photos. Every time I turned to leave, my camera wanted one more shot.


Gaspesie is an Avid Cruiser Recommended Destination on St. Lawrence Cruise Itineraries.

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