Dream, That’s The Thing To Do

[This week, Avid Cruiser’s Geoff Edwards reports from the new Carnival Dream.]


Carnival’s Dream is at Pier 90 in NYC scheduled to depart at 4 p.m.


I took the red eye on AA from LAX to Dallas and then on to La Guardia. I know not to get in town the day of the sailing, and for a minute I thought I should have listened to myself. Our flight leaving Dallas was an hour and a half late leaving the gate. Some problem with the temperature aboard and for awhile we weren’t sure we’d go at all.

Michael, Geoff's Wife

I am alone on this trip as my photographer wife, Michael, broke her leg taking the perfect shot from a folding chair. Well, at least the chair did what it was supposed to do. It folded.

It seems that everyone that inquires about her injury has an “I broke” story. It’s the same with DFW. Tell someone, anyone, you had a delay or cancellation at DFW and the horror stories pour out. I’m coming back through St Louis.

I reserved a car through Carmel Limo and was picked up 5 minutes after my bags arrived. Get this: Luxury sedan for $28 plus tip. That’s less than a taxi.

The drive to Manhattan goes through some low income areas, and given the clouds and chill, a dreary ride indeed. Once in town the traffic was horrendous. A siren screamed at the cabs and trucks, but no one paid much heed. The large fire truck looming in rearview mirrors and the blasting horn finally got some attention, but not a lot. Ah, New York.

The tourist venues on the piers were a captivating sight from the ship: a nuclear sub, an aircraft carrier . . .


. . . and the final landing place of the “we’ll get there before you leave” airplane.


This is Carnival’s newest and largest ship. At 130,000 tons, she holds more than 3,646 passengers. We have 3,600 aboard for this cruise. As with the larger ships, check in can take some time. Just zone out — it will all be over soon.


My cabin is lovely and, huge props to Carnival, there is actually light in the spacious closets. The bathroom, (I’m sorry, head) is no frills, but the towels are large and absorbent. What you need is want you get.


Dream’s lifeboat drill is a departure from the usual, which is when you wear your lifejacket to the muster station, and then someone shows you how to put it on. But I have it on. Oh, never mind.

On Dream, we go to our muster stations sans lifejackets and are shown how to put on what we don’t have. The poor cruise director was having a tough time getting folks out of the lido buffet line to gather at muster stations. My muster is in the deck three theater.


Everywhere you go on Dream there is music and dancing.


There is not a spot on the boat that doesn’t have something happening.

Michael and I had reserved a table for two, but with her cancellation, I ended up with a table for ten, all of whom were traveling alone. The man next to me refused to talk.


The man across from me refused to stop talking. The food however, made up for any discomfort. I had an incredible Indian vegetarian dinner, and all the others seemed to be happy with their choices. I don’t know about the man next to me.

As we sailed down the Hudson, the Statue of Liberty was elegant in the evening haze. Because of the lighting, the rain, the ship’s movement, and my camera, the photo is lame, but here she is.


I was as fuzzy as she, and choose a soft pillow and duvet over the welcoming show.

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Michael says:

Interesting! The photos of the cabin show the futniture in reverse, with the bed next to the balcony/window. Funny. Usually it is the sofa and desk next to the window to enjoy the view. At night, when you are in bed, no view…dark outside.

Chris Monegro says:

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