Dream Thanksgiving

Last night rack of lamb was on the menu and looked so tempting I overlooked it was braised in garlic. I am allergic to garlic. (I know, I’m on an Italian hit list somewhere). But how bad could braising be?

It was quite a night for me. First, the “family” comedy night with Marvin Bell. He was at once charming and very funny. The neat thing is, when I went up to chat with him after the show, he recognized me as “The Game Show Guy.” Actually that was better than my female tablemate who said, “I swear you have a twin brother.” Yes, and he’s on TV, I thought.

“He,” she said, “is a Roman Catholic Priest.”

I did stop by the hypnotist’s show and stayed for a bit until I had this urge to jump up because my seat was hot. From there to the “adult” comedy. The great thing about Marvin is he is funny! He doesn’t try to get laughs out of raunchy. If you have a chance, don’t miss this guy.

Next the heralded laser show on the main pool deck. Nothing stops the dancers on this ship.


It was pouring rain!

We docked at Port Canaveral Thanksgiving morning; I slept. Thanksgiving afternoon, I slept. So I now list “braising with garlic” right after “oysters in August” on my “It’s Going to Get You List.”

I did manage to do some laundry. Dream has three launderettes, but bring quarters; 12 will get you a washer, 12 more a dryer, and 5, soap. Altogether one load will cost $7.25. It probably would have been more expedient to bring extra underwear.

All the major Thanksgiving football games made it to Dream on the huge screen with booming sound.


I couldn’t face mass made turkey, so the Chef’s Steak House got the nod. This is a $30 alternate dining site high on the top deck. It is lovely.


To start, I had the best ahi tartar I’ve ever tasted. I asked the chef to send five pounds of it to my cabin. He didn’t.

The steaks looked incredible, but, remembering my rack of lamb, I chose lobster.


The Steak House is well worth the asking price.

From there, tryptophan deprived, to the lonely cabin. By the way, the thing about traveling alone is I can have any combination of anything without someone going “arrrrrgh.” For instance, for breakfast I’ve had eggs over-easy with two slices of cheese on top, and, on top of the cheese, a dollop of peanut butter.

But then who says I am alone. There’s always Bertram.


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