Dream Nassau

I love Nassau because I love conch. Those big beautiful shells that now house the sound of the ocean once were home to conch.

In Nassau there is a restaurant that specializes in conch. The last time I visited was a year or so ago and I was excited to be back.

A local beer, Kalek, and some fries and fritters just waiting for me to savor.

Oh no! The conch was tough and fairly tasteless. The adult conch is fast disappearing into tummies, and hard now to find. OK, we’ll just grab the young ones. But, they are not at all ready to be harvested. The good news is, if I am in Nassau again, I can have a burger.

My other quest was to find a camera store. I have a Flip video cam and wanted to find a waterproof case for it. Why? Because I’m going to be in the Guinness book of records as the oldest person to go down the giant slide and they’ll want proof.

I asked for directions and was told to go down one block, turn right and it will be on the left. Close to a mile later, I was leaving town and no camera store. Again I asked and was told to go two blocks to the traffic light, turn left and it would be on the right. Nope.

As I did this futile footwork, I saw one of those t-shirts that change in the sun stores across the street. I wanted to get some for the grandkids back home so I took that side of the street on the way back. I swear the store had completely disappeared.

There was one thing that I always wanted to try; that didn’t work either.

Suddenly inspiration! I would put Saran Wrap tightly around the Flip and waterproofed it. Tomorrow the slide!!

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