Carnival Dream, A Day At Sea

We are two days out of NY headed for Port Canaveral tomorrow on Thanksgiving, then to Nassau, from there to Freeport, and back to NY. I surmised there would be a lot on New Yorkers on board, but I never guessed they’d bring their weather with them.


The ocean has been smooth, but there are people who insist on wearing those sea sickness patches behind their ears. These patches contain Scopalomine. Cruisers of a certain age may not remember the trip. Scopalomine was used in WWII as a truth serum. There are newlyweds on board wearing them. Not going to be pretty.

Last night was “Elegant” dress code, which means a lot of folks, including me, skipped the dining room for the casual Lido buffet.


Lido serves about the same menu as the dining room, just lacking a bit of chic. I had one of the best pieces of duck I can remember; but then I can’t remember who won the World Series.

Once again I passed on the show, and headed for bed. Dream’s bed, duvet, and pillows are soft and snuggly. Yes, I know I’m alone, but hey, snuggling with a pillow is PC, no?

Today, I ate at the Grand Buffet. There have been some gripes on cruise boards from those who did the two day cruise to nowhere a few weeks ago when Dream first got to NYC. Whatever the problems were, I can’t find them now. It amazes me that with 3,600 passengers, including swarms of children, the lines are easily tolerable.

Dream has kids programs, and has devoted 19,000 square feet to keep them busy. They also have the giant slide.


This duo slide is 300 feet long; that’s a football field! It has a drop of four decks. I’m now doing the math as to how many Pina Coladas I’ll need to get up the nerve to make the trip.

Those into sports have all they need. Beer and seven screens of play,


or a round of golf


or perhaps the Hairy Chest contest qualifies as a spectator sport. I didn’t do the math for this one either.


As I’ve mentioned the kids on board are not a problem, but still there is an escape plan.


Adults only please, and we’ll tell you when it’s time for dinner.


Tonight I am going to try the Family Comedy at 7:30 in the Burgandy Lounge. Then at 9:45, the Adult Comedy. A report tomorrow.

Yes, again no show for me. I will not see hypnotist Asad Mecci in the main theater. I hear he is an excellent hypnotist, but not for me. I might go see him. I want to see him, I’m gooooing to seeeee him. Please, someone snap your fingers!!!

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