Behind Bars In Trois-Rivieres

I went to prison in Trois-Rivieres, and if you’re lucky, you will too.


The Canadian city on the St. Lawrence Seaway boasts one of the most unusual, and interesting, tours I’ve ever experienced, a prison tour with one of the former inmates as my guide.

Stephane had served seven years in prison but had vowed to live a crime-free life from now on. He showed me cells, solitary confinement and the dungeons, the latter with a visible shudder. It was enough to make anyone live according to the law.


The old prison is situated next to a museum depicting the culture of the Quebec people, a worthwhile visit in its own right.


Trois-Rivieres is North America’s second-oldest, French-speaking city, that you can easily explore it on foot. The historic quarter is near the central business district.

chez danny

The one place you can’t walk to is the thoroughly enjoyable Chez Danny’s sugar shack. Sure, it’s touristy, but fun, with food served “lumberjack” style as well as good music and dance and, of course, samples of Canadian maple syrup.

Trois Rivieres is an Avid Cruiser Recommended Destination On Saint Lawrence Cruise Itineraries.

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