When In Crete: Samaria Gorge Walk

Samaria Gorge

[The following story was filed by Sue Parker, while on an Athens, Greece, to Valetta, Malta, voyage on SeaDream II]

Hiking from 1,250 meters to sea level in 16 kilkometers through the most spectacular countryside is not for everyone, but this is a must for those up for a long day out and some physical exertion.

It’s a good break from shipboard life where it’s easy to avoid any form of exercise and simply enjoy strolling through Mykonos, Santorini and Taormina rather than cutting a path to the gym.

Declared a national park to protect the unique Cretan wild goat, agrimi, that lives there, the gorge cuts its way through limestone mountains, at one point the walls being only three meters apart.

The scenery is ever changing from ancient cypresses and pines through abandoned villages to the Libyan Sea.

A well-earned lunch at the Artemis restaurant in Agia Rumeli sets us up for the ferry and coach ride back to the welcome sight of SeaDream II anchored at Chania.

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